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In small study from 1990, 16 people were recruited to either smoke a joint, then they went to bed. The following morning, the researchers gave the subjects a bunch of tests to see if their mental and physical abilities were in any way dulled. For the most part, the subjects who’d smoked weed the night before seemed to be just fine.

"No evidence of residual subjective intoxication was found, and most of the behavioral tasks were unaffected the morning after.." the authors concluded, adding that "Marijuana Smoking was not associated with a hangover syndrome similar to those reported after use of alcohol or long-acting sedative-hypnotics."

Marijuana smoking was not associated with any syndrome similar to alcohol hangover

I never seem to get weed hangover and I was rather surprised, not long ago, when a friend declined to smoke weed with me: It wasn't because he doesn't enjoy it, but because of its residual effects. "It'll throw my whole morning off," he said, describing the foggy sort of hangovers he'd suffered the last few times he'd indulged in a late-night joint.

So the truth, is a bit more complicated. Yes, Marijuana Hangover is real and you might have had one already !

How Could Marijuana Cause A Hangover?


  • If we have a tendency to outline a #Hangover as any lingering influence a drug continues to exert on our body and brain the subsequent morning, then it looks clear that the marijuana hangover ( even though it's obscurity close to as unpleasant as wakening once an evening of booze shots ) could be a real development !

  • Why? Because THC, the psychotropic compound in weed that gets you high, is a fat-soluble chemical that the body stores for days. Simple exercise will unharness a number of this THC back to the blood long once consumption, and habitual, regular smokers could have a near-constant level of THC in their system. And as long as pot's active ingredient is gift during a user, it stands to reason that this person is part below the influence.

What Are The Symptoms?


Brain Fog

The most common symptom from #Smoking an excessive amount of weed the day before is feeling like your brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders. You may have bother thinking deeply regarding one thing or recalling reminiscences. People also say that their general thoughts or emotions feel slightly dulled. Because of these symptoms, some consult with a weed hangover as a “haze-over.”

Tired and Sleepy

Another common symptom of overindulging the night before could be a sense of temporary state, or simply a general lack of motivation. Even if you weren’t smoking the kind of weed that creates you soften into the couch, which may be the sole issue you are feeling like doing succeeding day. Low energy and also the feeling of being tired isn’t the worst issue within the world, however it will have an effect on your day.

Dry Eyes

Marijuana dilates the blood vessels in your eyes, and smoking tons will build it worse. Combine this with the nightly “cleanse cycle” your eyes try and perform, and you've got a formula for unhealthy eyes or important guck within the morning.


Marijuana doesn’t dehydrate your entire body, however it will halt the number of spittle your mouth produces.As a result, you'll awaken with a xerotes. You can even have a rough throat, especially if you were smoking weed through a joint, blunt, or bong. A soar throat is far less doubtless to occur if you consume marijuana from vaping or ingestion edibles.

Headaches, Nausea, Sensitivity to Bright lightweight or Loud Noises

A very tiny margin of individuals report feeling ancient alcohol hangover symptoms, particularly when gratification in edibles.These symptoms will be created worse by brain fog, dehydration, and sleepiness.It is necessary to notice, weed hangover symptoms ar abundant less draining than alcohol hangovers! For the big majority, you'll still move your traditional day even with a haze-over.

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How to Cure a Weed Hangover !


There really is no magic. Most of the physical symptoms will be taken care of constant manner you'd commonly pay attention of it.

  • Treat a headache constant as you mostly would.
  • Drink lots of water, and take it easy if possible.
  • Get out of bed and move around & Get some exercise.
  • Aerobic exercise is right, however a brisk walk and a few deep yoga stretching will work well too.
  • Take a safe stimulant, like caffeine.
  • Eat something healthy from fats from fish, nuts, or avocados and combine them with something light, like a healthy salad or soup.
  • The good news is, it’s unlikely that your weed hangover goes to last terribly long.
  • It’s largely a matter of constructing yourself snug whereas you wait it out.
Note; Keep in mind that there are Studies Claiming Weed Hangovers Are Real and There are Studies Claiming Weed Hangovers Are NOT Real

Have you ever experienced a weed hangover?

Tell us about in the comments and also how you cured it (or didn’t).

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Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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Have definitely experienced the "haze-over", I know it exists although its very mild. I would think it is partly caused by a small amount of THC still in your system the next morning, and can be overcome with a good cup of coffee, a meal, or some exorcise. But from my experience this haze state can also be a symptom of the decisions you made while you were high. Did you drink enough water, did you binge on junk food, or high sodium snacks. were you up late, with eyes on a screen all night. If I remember correctly THC does have a negative impact on REM sleep, correct me if im wrong, which would also contribute to a haze in the morning. So in my opinion yes it exists although mild, and can be exacerbated by your decisions while stoned.


Yes, it exist. And I am a living witness. 😅

I have never experienced a weed hangover...

srry, nice initiative

A glass of water is the cure for a marijuana hangover, all it really is, is dehydration.

Honestly, to me that sounds like the symptoms of drinking too little. And it's funny how drinking lots of water is suggested as a remedy. : D

Ask your friend, if he drank some water before he went to bed and how much water he had in general. Lots of people are having "water hangovers" without knowing it is simply that. From eating lots of garlic or just drinking too little or whatever reason.

I have never experienced or heard of such a thing as a haze-over.

The short answer is "no"

Im very familiar with morning bain fog. It only happens if I go to sleep high. If I smoke at least 2h before bedtime.

I wouldnt call it a hangover at all, its calming and I dont feel slow or anything. Just serene.

I greened out once tho. On some strange shit I smoked from stranger right after waking up. Huge bong rip. I had to walk it off for some time cos I was nausy. I hadempty stomach, little sleep and it was some shit.....

They exist and I am living proof lol. It's happened to me a few times. The last time was the first time I ever went to Colorado and had access to legal weed.

Water and sleep /time is all you really need man. Or at least for me.

If I had consumed a lot before bedtime, I need more sleep and have a little hangover on the next day.

Some fresh air, extra water and a little sport exercise helps to compensate the symptoms. The demand of consuming again is reduced during the next day.

In my teen years, yes.. I had that when I first had my smoke with my brothers. I woke up with a slight headache and dry mouth and couldn't get out of bed.. I think it definitely depends on the condition of the stoner because my brothers were feeling normal the following day.. didn't notice if they've had a "haze".

I recall one incident, a decade back of my friends drank whiskey before he smoked ..the strain (can't remember the name) had a high THC... just with his first toke, about 10 minutes he became very quiet, then another toke and he was already like a zombie after. The following day, he was pale abd his eyes were still a bit red ...and said he couldn't remember the session the night before. I smoke moderately just to calm me down and when THC hits me, I get sleepy so I go to bed and call it a night...the following day, I'm alright and have no traces of a haze...

Selecting the “best” comments was rather easy.

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haha! Thanks, @lordoftruth & @cannaweedness! I totally skipped that sentence! Wonderful surprise!

I have only read the title before typing this. Weed hangover do exist very well and I am a living witness. 😂

It even happened to me recently when I did Canna-milk. Its taste nice and awesome, irresistible. Although all I took just one cup 🥤 but you know edible cannabis have more cannabinoid content in them. Apart from the fact that it makes me come back to sense (like I was a newly born), I was high as f*ck. 😂😂

@lordoftruth I really found this post Educative. You did do some research and Scientic follow through on this one.