2.2 g #jointcontest entry

last year

Here is my entry for @taskmanager `s #jointcontest. The contest can be found here. ~

I have rolled a fatty of organic Headlamp up in an Elements ultra thin rice single wide paper. I put as much as I could into this paper. It is as full as it gets. About half the glue is actually sticking.

This puppy smokes like a champ. Gives a nice, clean, thick hit. Wow, I`m freakin baked

Thanks for looking :)

#jointcontest #fatty

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That's one strong J, I think it would last me a full Sunday morning!

Oh wow almost 2 and a quarter gs! That is a bomber!


I don`t like to waste papers :)

Now that's how I like em.

Fat and greasy spliff my friend, awesome entry. Good luck.

  ·  last year

Hi. What kinda smoke is "headlamp" ?


It is a strain that I started. A cross of Headlamp and Ambulance

Not finely ground, just picked apart then rolled? Interesting 🤔


It is cut up with scissors. I think that it looks more chunky in the photos just because it`s so sticky :)

Holy rocket.. or cannon who know but I bet you can't fit a point one more in that 😂

That's a biggin, doesn't get much fuller than that. I'm a fan of the elements papers, for an ultra thin they are still rather strong, and you can see what's inside if you look closely.

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