Guess And Win 100 Smoke! #3

2 years ago



Hello stoners!

I'm coming back with another contest. This is B-52 strain.

Guess the weight, and win 100 SMOKE!






And a small tip - It's between 6 and 12 G

#cannabis #giveaway #nugporn #photography

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Again I can't guess :(

But good luck to everyone!


42 Grams!

No banana for scale? This one is gonna be tough. xD
9.2 is my guess.

7.43 grams

When guessing weight I really like feeling the density, but without that I am going to have to toss out an 8.4g guesstimate.

7.70 grams ;)

My take is 8.5

9.8 gram


9.99 g

Looks cool and if you turn it upside-down you get 666.


Looks cool and taste is great... Hit like a "devil" :)

Lol its not 6.9 is it 🤣


10.69 g

Maybe if your tip wasn't a "small" tip people might find it in this wall of text post you got there. Haha jk, but some people just made my day xD


Lol I admit my mistake... ;)

At leastwe laughed a little :)

I'll go for 9 ;-)



Take a closer look at the post you got a tip...

I think it's about ~4 gram!


Take a closer look at the post you got a tip...