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Oh my Cannabis Sativa,
You were known as Marijuana.
You were famous in our place.
When I was a teenager,
They encouraged me to use it
But I was so afraid. Some people got addicted because of the absence of correct knowledge and usage.

It is supposed to be according to how the need of the body.
Those reasons hinder the law of legalization. It is so far beyond expectations.
People must know the real benefit of Sativa.
Now, how I already know its usage and like to taste it,
Puff it with out any limitation as long as it gives me a good condition.

Before, I never knew you, even to touch you because they said it will make me out of my own determination.
Today in Smoke.io, now I already know the benefits of healing the pain.
Why do we need expensive medicines? We could find it in our garden, if it is not forbidden.

Hypocrisy is the reason. Pharmaceutical company manipulated the situation. Poor people in our country, were punished when they found sativa in their pocket.
I hope someday, government will realize that it is so necessary for everyone who needs organic medicine.
Like for me, I am growing older. I can't deny the pain on my body. I need it rather than drinking any tablet that kills the pain or any antibiotics.
Now a day, I need Sativa so I will be able to taste it and they said, it has a good effect for our health.

I decided that during my vacation, I will not go to my country. Here in my workplace, it is also forbidden. If I will try to sneak one pocket it means my head will be cut-off on the street. So, I will be saving for you Cannabis Sativa! Because of you I will migrate to where @indaymers is living. She is able to plant it and puff it because she needs it for her health.

One day I will hug you Cannabis Sativa!. My urge for you is unbelievable and I would be grateful if I will get a chance to be with you and puff you!

Thank you @dook13 for your initiative and to @dragonxOx for inspiring me to do it. Another way on my process of learning.

This is my entry. I hope no one will be offended. This is really what I am hoping for.

I am using the freewrite tools from squibler.io.

Proof that I am using the tools.

I prefer a new theme for the next STONED

I would like to say thank you to @indaymers for giving me her original Sativa picture.

#420freewrite #420poetry #sativa #cannabis #life

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Nicely written @lawlai.. Yeah, I also am hoping that someday they will legalize cannabis is the Philippines because that can certainly help the poor ones especially pain patients in the provinces to grow their own as an alternative to medicines that are so expensive. Good Luck !


Thank you my dear! You are such a good friends who encouraged me all the time. We never see each other but you are so real person.

nice @lawlai I read and reread it true, hoping cannabis be acceptable and be legalized to all countries for medical reasons, less pain for the patients.


Yes, I tried it so hard @yduj. But when I really know the benefits of Marijuana. It gave a big question to my mind, why they don't legalize. Put a limitation and boundary to the user.

o yeah very well-cooked hahaha you're a great chef I know, look at you, I remember last night when you told me you can't make it of course I know you can and now you are cooking the most dangerous menu, lol!
keep it up @lawlai


My God, I can make a story base on my reality not a fantasy. But when I started writing many things blewn my mind like storm surge of Hayan.

Good one @lawlai! Am in favor of that too. It was grown rampantly in our place before and they did good ones due to the rich volcanic soil, but it soon vanished due to illegal planting. Our quack doctors used it for herbal treatment but who cares, it's still against the law. Well, I can still smell some passersby....

beautifully and nicely done Ate. I go for the legalization of Cannabis in our country and surely my son will benefited from it as well.


Thank you so much.

nice one @lawlai.. you nailed it! pak na pak! i love the rhyme and i love its thought. i just hope the same things you're hoping for . goodluck on your entry. well done. 👌💚💚💚


So much appreciated @zephalexia. Thrnk you for sharing the tools I used in freewrite.

I love the way you ryhme it .You're right if this will be legalized in our country this will benefit many of our fellowmen.


I know our mouth is mute there and we are here expressing our desires. I thought long before Marijuana is not really good.

One day my dear maybe your blogging activities will make your dream a reality 🤞

Crazy that where your at it is such a severe punishment for something provided by Mother Nature 🤯

Great #420freewrite my dear, thank you for participating ❤️


Welcome my dear @dook13.. The punishment is very dangerous. That is why I never hesitate using it. Then I only knew her in smoke.io about the benefits. Government made us totally blind.