Guess The Weight

2 years ago

What's up my Smokers!

It's been fun seeing all the guess the weight of cannabis posts. Tonight I trimmed up a little bit of my outdoor Kandy Kush, I thought I would show my appreciation back to everyone with a little guess the weight of my bud.



This is a strain I got from a buddy who gave me a few seeds last July. Up until 3 months ago, when I decided to retire it to make room for more strains in my library. This strain is one of the most pungent strains of cannabis I have ever come across in my 20+ years of smoking. It reminds me of a freak of Jack Herer. At first a strong skunk aroma slaps your face, then a hint of burnt rubber with a strong pine tree slaps the other cheek! A great daytime smoke, very mellow and gets your head felling like a hot air balloon. But even though I really enjoyed this strain, it wasn't up to my caliber to really keep around. I did pollinate it with the mom of Steem Og, so I do still got the genetics. I cant wait to crack those seeds one day. Since it was crossed with my Santa Rita, im calling it Santa's Kandy.


Ok now let's guess the weight of what I trimmed tonight. Hint: The buds are a little fluffy.





Drop your guess in comments, rules are just guess. Winner get's 50 Smoke. Price is right rules, who ever gets closes without going over wins.



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Contest closed

14.17 gr

18.5 grams



Hmm, about 8.6 gram

15 grams!!!

17.2 grams. ^_^

10.5 grams

11.5 grams

14.20 grams wild guess hehehe

16.1 grams


16.2 :)


16.3 ?

26 grams


18.3 grams

12 grams

20 grams!

9 grams



looks like it's in the ballpark of 7g's maybe less.

13 grams

13.6 grams. :-)

14.1 grams

I say 28,35 g.