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Hello stoners... Welcome to the first episode of "Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest". This is the first episode of this contest.


Aim of the contest

To increase witness voting on the smoke blockchain as well giving knowledge of the roles witnesses play in ensuring stable ecosystem.

This contest is targeted at ensuring continuous increase in the witness voting engagement rate occasionally published by @bbq-iguana.

Do you know?

That witnesses maintain the activities that take place within and outside the smoke block chain by putting in blocks, time stamping transactions (such as posts, transfers, exchanges, votes, etc) and validating them with signatures.
This however, has ignited the true and worthy saying



Click this link
When it opens, you will see a list of witnesses. If your choice witnesses are among the 30, click on the corresponding upvote icon to vote.

The rule of the contest & how to submit your entry

You must RESMOKE this contest to reach wider audience.

You must vote for at least 15 witnesses (you can vote for the maximum 30 allowed witnesses if you have reasons to).

Visit (substitute @yourusername with your username). Scroll down and you will see the all the list of all the witnesses you voted for. Screenshot/snapshot it.

In not more than 60 words, state the roles witnesses play in sustaining smoke blockchain as a reply comment to this contest article; and upload the screenshot/snapshot of your chosen witnesses under your comment. You can refer to this post made by @betgames to get a detailed guide on who a smoke witness is and their responsibilities on the blockchain

All your chosen witnesses must be active at the time of choosing them. To find out those that are active, refer to the Part I under How to vote for witnesses above.


This contest comes to an end on friday at exactly 3.30pm +1 GMT. Result follows thereafter.

Every entry receives 4:20 smokes each. And an upsmoke from at least myself.

Donators so far: @murda-ra

We need your support to continue with this impacting weekly contest

Remember no witnesses= no smoke blockchain

You can set me as a proxy
#witness-category #blockchainguardians #smokenetwork

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Witness voting is important for sure, but more important is to know why we're voting in that witness and what they are bring to the network...if not any user just will go to witness page and vote...for example, just because they liked the name without doing due diligence.
What i would like to see is a summary of the top 30 witnesses or anybody that wants to be a witness, about their server specs and what they want to do make SMOKE better, it can be in terms of marketing, apps, etc...and then i can vote knowing that i'm voting on a witness that will make SMOKE chain better!


You have a good point, but trust me our top 20/30 witnesses are really doing a nice job here on smoke 'in bwt' i will be giving extra smokes to people who stated why the voted for each witness in their witness votes, i think that would be nice. am in for suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me on our official discord if you have any


I agree with you completly.

Witnesses are essential for the!
They are ''witnessing'' and processing through their servers, or usually 2 (one is a backup) every activity on a blockchain, adding blocks and validating transactions with a signature.
They spend time and effort to check everything runs smoothly...

My choose

Every transaction and interaction made on the blockchain has to be witnessed and processed by a set of people who create blocks, applying a consensus mechanism called a delegated prove of stake (DPos). They run servers to a necessary specification for this task and are also required to produce a price feed, pooling price data from exchanges to ensure the correct value of the smoke coin. It is a sure thing that without witnesses, smoke cannot function.
Here is a screenshot of my witness vote


I vote for the people whose activity on Smoke often get to my eyes))
I also voted for those who showed activity to my original content and supported me.
Thank's to:

everything done on this blockchain ( whether post, upvote, comment or any other) comes out as transactions or blogs which needs to be registered and signed by servers which have been built by witnesses. Without witness, all the transactions in the decentralized block chain will be missed and the system will not stand the test of time. Every witness need to have backup server to try as much as possible nnot to miss blogs. I think witnessing is a joint effort, it is not a one man thing, if a witness is missing blogs, another witness should able to notify him, for the better good of the system.

here's my top 20 <3 Witness are an important piece in this kind of platforms. We need people who works for the community and also stimulate a healthy ecosystem where every user matters. I think it's not just about servers and technical stuff... it's about love for cannabis culture and the passion of making grow organically to make people all over the world learn the positive things about cannabis :)


Only that voted for svdedeleye. but chose not many. I only joined the smoke, I still know very few people. who do you advise?


I will suggest this witnesses
believe me this people are doing nice work for the chain

Does my setting u as proxy means that u will be voting for me?



If you proxy I would love to win your vote. HashKings! :)