Show us your favorite Witness votes, grab smokes

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Hello stoners... Welcome to another episode of "Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest".

Aim of the contest

To increase witness voting on the smoke blockchain as well giving knowledge of the roles witnesses play in ensuring a stable ecosystem. Due to too many disabled witnesses I decided to use to medium to get users remove votes for inactive witnesses and support and push up active witnesses.

This contest is targeted at ensuring continuous increase in the witness voting engagement rate occasionally published by @bbq-iguana.

Who are witnesses?

Witnesses are elected people that maintain the activities that take place within and outside the smoke block chain by putting in blocks, time stamping transactions (such as posts, transfers, exchanges, votes, etc) and validating them with signatures.

This however, has ignited the true and worthy saying

Click this link
When it opens, you will see a list of witnesses. If your choice witnesses are among the 30, click on the corresponding upvote icon to vote.

The rule of this contest & how to get down your entry

Please RESMOKE this post for wider visibility.
You must vote for at least 15 witnesses (you can vote for the maximum 30 allowed witnesses if you have reasons to). Visit (substitute @yourusername with your username). Scroll down and you will see the all the list of all the witnesses you voted for. Screenshot/snapshot it.

In not more than 60 words, state the roles #witnesses play in keeping alive the smoke blockchain as a reply comment to this contest article; and upload the screenshot/snapshot of your chosen witnesses under your comment[use imgur or steemit/whaleshares to host the image then copy it here . You can refer to this post made by @betgames to get a detailed guide on who a smoke witness is and their responsibilities on the blockchain.
All your chosen witnesses must be active at the time of choosing them. To find out those that are active, refer to the Part I under How to vote for witnesses above or visit this made by @trees to know active witnesses.
This contest lasts for 7 days. Rewards follows thereafter.
Every entry receives 4:20 smokes each. And an upsmoke from at least myself.
I would suggest everyone consider voting for witnesses that have a solid track record of being active for many months.

Remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain

Please vote for witnesses here
Or set me as a proxy

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I love your constant reminders! Thanks for this service. Highly appreciated and resmoked. Today is EU election day but I deem this vote much more important. :)


Wow!! Epic comment, love you dear 💞


taken! And back at you. <3

Good info, I just voted for my first 5 witnesses ever and I probably won't enter the contest because I really don't know what I'm doing, but the witnesses I chose are ones who have voted for me in the past. I hope it helps them. The Elven Budtender:) LOL


Lol, there are other amazing witnesses outside the 5 you voted...the aim is to push down disabled witnesses and push up active witnesses between, am following your stories.. really interesting guess i will smoke a lot of joints working as a budtender😁😁

Very nice, number #1 ... Witnesses are here to keep the SMOKE network running for everyone. Be sure to check out their profiles or witness proposal links from the voting page. Thank you for this nice post @jessica.


Thanks for your contributions, voted as witness 👍


Thank you so much. Another step closer to the top 20 ;)
This month, when my salary (from elsewhere) comes, time to add an RPC node also ... which are the actual nodes you need as a client to browse this site - as a witness it is supposed to be something they provide along with the witness node (which btw witness node does JUST signs blocks - nothing else but they’re the rewarded ones) is an interesting place to check out the list also ...


My entry, I agree that without witness this blockchain doesn't exist, So voting should be done by every users and wisely.


Thanks for your entry,

Any interesting witnesses you can point outside the top 50, for my votting decision ? ;)


No. There are no active witnesses outside of the top 50.


Ohh i see, thanks for the info.


We have too many disabled witnesses on the top 50 atm, you can help push active witnesses above them with your vote

I recently updated my votes, sad to see more users disabling their nodes :(


Maybe because it isn't beneficial at the moment, it's very sad indeed.


Perhaps, it's also quite a passive role