Post Contest: What are You Rolling With ? --- 1,500 SMOKE Prize Pool

7 months ago


What are You Rolling With ?

Many people smoke cannabis with the use of Rolling Papers or Wraps. A wide variety of papers and wraps are available, made from many different plant materials - including wood, hemp, tobacco, corn, rice, and flax fiber. Some papers and wraps have their natural flavors and colors, some have added flavorings.




Contest Prize Pool: 1,500 SMOKE

Myself and @cryptosmokers have teamed up to get this contest rolling, we'll be selecting the prize positions. I'm happy to put forward 1,000 SMOKE on this one, @cryptosmokers tossed in 500 SMOKE to the Prize Pool - We look forward to seeing what the peoples are rolling with.



Prize Positions:

- 500 SMOKE - 1st Place

- 400 SMOKE - 2nd Place

- 300 SMOKE - 3rd Place

- 200 SMOKE - 4th Place

- 100 SMOKE - Runner Up


How to Enter the Contest:

  • Make a smoke session post on featuring the Papers or Wraps that you roll with.
  • Include photo(s), descriptions, and what you like about the Papers or Wraps.
  • Include photo(s) of the Roll Up.
  • The Ideal post would also include photo(s) and info about the cannabis, hash, or other being rolled up, and a photo of the Roll Up after smoking.
  • Use the #CryptoSmokers tag and put a link to your post in the comment section below.
  • All Entries must be posted before the close of This Contest Post to be considered.


Contest Prize Positions will be Announced and transferred SMOKE shortly after the close of This Contest Post.



@CryptoSmokers and Myself look forward to the Entries.

Who are Crypt☮Sm☮kers?

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Have a great day!

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Well I know it's a little late but i wanted to play!

I almost didn't make it but the clock still had some time lol

I'll come up with something for this. Should prove to be fun.


I'm interested to see what you'll pick to roll with :)

Imma sit this one out boys and girls. Im Mrs, Dabby. <3

Very cool I will try to find the time to enter


For sure, just a matter of grabbing your camera for one of the multiple daily rollings i'm guessing - I'd like to see :)


I actually only roll a few a week I mainly pack bowls but I been working my ass off today and I am in so much pain from the normal back issues but then add the hard work I did today, I am beat, so I will likely roll one later on.

Very Cool, Maestro!
I call dibs on the PURE HEMP UNBLEACHED!!!
I am finishing another post then later today will work on my entry!...


Some unique sh** is going to happen. Guaranteed! Unique for sure. Can't wait to see!

crawls back to his trichome layer


Niiice, i look forward to your entry :)

inquiring minds want to know who won?

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