Old Lemon Skunk & Super Sonic Buds Twisted in a Extra Fine GIZEH Pure Organic Hemp Paper - #jointcontest

10 months ago


@taskmanager has a Joint Rolling Contest - 100+ Smoke In Prizes! This afternoon spliff is my #jointcontest entry - it smokes :)


Old Lemon Skunk (60/40) Sativa-dominant hybrid

In the picture below you can see the Old Lemon Skunk buds from buddy - "The Indica mind numbing effects hit first, then the cheerful and friendly Sativa energy", sweet lemon-lime citrus - not overly sweet, with a dry spicy tail end.


Super Sonic (75/25) Sativa-dominant hybrid

In the picture below you can see the piece of a Super Sonic bud. I'll post the review soon, the Super Sonic strain is one of my new favorites - similar to RockStar's euphoric and friendly energy, just a little tamer. Super Sonic is a 75/25 Sativa-dominant hybrid with 14.5% THC - and a dry, sweet, citrus grapefruit, with a light and spicy diesel fuel taste.


GIZEH Pure Rolling Papers

Grabbed for the extra fine Gizeh Pure 1-1/4 papers for this roll up. The last time I used these papers was for the Shishkaberry strain review. They rolled easily, burned clean.

Made in Austria, Extra Fine - just 1 gram per square meter heavier than the Deluxe Smoking papers.
GIZEH PURE EXTRA FINE are unbleached rolling papers made from certified organic hemp. The extra fine, watermarked rolling paper with a basis weight of 14 g/m² has a strip of natural Arabic gum, the sap of the acacia tree. It burns very slowly and goes out when it is not being smoked. The booklet contains 50 papers.
Source: PURE Extra Fine ::: GIZEH - Smoking Culture
On the paper below you can see the GIZEH, Pyramid, and Pinstripe water marks.


Chopped Up the Buds with the Scissors.


Joint Ready to Roll Up.


Joint Twisted.


Joint Sparked Up.




The twisted up Old Lemon Skunk & Super Sonic joint made for a vibrant and creative energy afternoon. The extra fine Gizeh Pure organic hemp papers burned slow and clean as expected.


Have a great day!

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scissors, that's old school. Solid looking joint


Thanks, the joint smoked well - i like how joints hit so nicely after they burn down a little and the paper gets discolored. Scissors are a solid step up from hand breaking buds, they have yet to fail me. Some of the well dried crispy buds will turn to dust in the grinder :)

I didn't see these hemp versions, just did a quick review of GIZEH king skinz magnet pack myself. Not actually a huge fan, but finishing them off one by one. I would enter a J in this contest if I didn't already include the one I wanna use in my last post ....


Those magnet pack papers are interesting - these one's had a little tab with a sticky gum on it that would hold the pack closed, but i didn't know about it and ended up tearing the pack a little (not a good design). Roll up a new one for the contest :)

Lemon skunk is always gtg and I still like to use scissors too.


The scissors seem to leave the buds a little more texture - especially handy with fresh sticky buds :)

Nice looking doobie but better looking nuglets! Nice entry Jack.


Thanks - i do enjoy the tasty buds in solid joint :)

OK, now you have outdone yourself with a joint in my opinion. A mic of 2 Sativas. One a well balances Sativa dominant with a piercing lemon smell with the intensity of a Skunk and the other a more Sativa then indica dominant beauty that is obviously by the looks of it and the percentage of Sativa to indica a truly euphoric experience. A joint for the day truly. I would want to smoke the shit out of that and go for a hot day in nature adventure. Can't wait to read the Sonic review.


Thanks - the sweet after taste was a reminder and seems connected with the energy. That was my last piece of super sonic, it seemed to add just enough of that extra flavor and buzz to the old lemon skunk - tasty spliff energy :)


Lemon tastes are the best. The only thing better is when they are Sativas as well.


Buddy gave me some buds over the weekend - one of them i'll be testing soon is a heavy Sativa called Lemon Zest :) Sounds like it would be right up your alley.


Uh can't wait to read the review.

Not the thinnest of papers, but still pretty decent. Bud as well, not best trim work, but fortunately there are two strains to mix so we got it all covered.


12g per square meter aren't the thinnest either, but i'm not so sure i'd want much thinner than that - i'd grab for the wood bowl at that point. With the spliffs i roll i don't start tasting paper till it gets up to 16/17 grams per square meter. Yeah buddy didn't spend a lot of time trimming the old lemon skunk buds, maybe next year :)

I want one of those lighters so bad, excellent entry. I'm a big fan of the lemon skunk myself for it's buzz and taste, never tried the other yet.

You have been entered into the contest.


The lemon skunk's an interesting buzz how the indica head cushion hits so quick, then sativa energy starts building - thanks for the #jointcontest :)

That looks SO DAMN TASTY!
I'm so STONED right now!
Not by looking at the pictures,

you Sir, literally, along with a few select others,
my aspiring to ATTAIN
of content quality!