[SOLVED]- Find the Weed Song - WIN 25 SMOKE

8 months ago

What is the contest about

Simple, a weed related song and performing artist/band have been depicted in the image above. Find both and you win.


The winner will get 25 SMOKE.


You can comment as often as you want, but not in a row. Wait for someone else's comment before you add your next comment.
Either enter the name of the song AND the artist/band, or ask a question that can be answered with yes or no.
Start a new reply for every comment (in other words, don't comment on comments)
If needed a hint will be given every 24 hours

Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (consider voting for "ijmmai") and supply your private active key to lock in your vote. Refresh the page in case your vote doesn't seem to stick.

image source
image source

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I'll add 25 in this and next prize pool.


Thanks. This one was solved pretty quick.

Havent recieved smoke maybe sent to wrong person just to notify.


You have to give me some time to return, tell you it is correct, and adjust the post.

Dr. Dre The next episode ft. Snoop Dogg


Haven't seen yet. Was traveling last week and without Internet. Sent.


that is correct.