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11 months ago


420 Giveaway

As you may have noticed, I've been powering down a large portion of my stake.

If you've kept up with my comments, you know why!
If not, well, now you do!

420 SMOKE in prizes!

As the name of the giveaway suggests, the prize pool is 420 SMOKE.

This will be distributed evenly among all the participants of the giveaway.

How to win:

As usual, I will not be requesting that you do a ton of things to be included.
Things will be kept simple.

Just post a picture of either a blunt/joint you've rolled today/this week or post a picture of a freshly packed green in your smoking piece. This could mean a bowl, bong, bubbler, etc. If you don't smoke blunts/joints/buds and you instead smoke dabs or something of the sort, just show a picture of your dab about to be set onto your nail or whatever you use or (preferably) a picture of the smoke it makes as it first touches it!

Follow these simple guidelines and secure your spot in a share of 420 SMOKE!
It's that simple! ;)

Re-smoking this post will help others see it, but is not required to win.
Votes on this post will be used for future rewards and are also not required to win.

The giveaway will be closed and the rewards distributed, after the post closes in 7 days.

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Just Finished the Rolling :)


Just a little night cap.

Hope I'm not late for the party...

Here is how it looks like when I smoke...

...and here is what's inside of papers...

Here’s my entry. A little blunt with three types of fire!!! Post to follow later today or tomorrow.


Volcano FTW! Kosher Kush freshly packed up and ready to go!

At the buzzard! He shoots!



Here's my stuff that I'll smoke today 😉

White Widow on OCB-Paper


It's not rolled though!
I'll give you a pass tho. ;)
No need to be super nitpicky. lol

The bud looks great too! I bet that shit smoked like a champ! :P


Great! Thank you!

Glad to see more interaction! :)
It's free SMOKE, I mean... come on! lol

I have extended the participation period for another 24 hours beyond the post payout, so those who have not participated, still can! Look for your payouts tomorrow afternoon. :)

Hey @howhigh! May the Green Gods smile upon you :). Just wanted to give you some advice on how to improve upon your posts (which typically translates to higher rewards).

1. Try to leave atleast one post by another author inbetween your posts. Spamming the network looks greedy to the majority of users. It is maybe one of the easiest ways to catch some downvotes on your content.

Hoping these tips help you a bit! Stay classy 😎



On a post giving away free SMOKE. LOL! :P

Someone needs to tweak this thing a bit. Seems automation may not be the way to go here on SMOKE. This post is clearly the opposite of greed and it isn't considering that I haven't posted for basically months now, only commented. Two posts back to back after nothing for a few months, is hardly greedy! ;)

I'm only messing with whoever's bot this is. No ill will intended! :P


I agree some things on that bot have to be fixed but it is very new like 2 days so i am sure it will be fixed