420 Day, 420 Giveaway! :)

6 months ago


420 Days

That's how long I've been here on Smoke as of today! :)

Although, at times, it's been a bit of a bumpy ride for me, for the most part it's been a beautiful 420 days. Even weighing in the bad, the good is still far superior and shines through much more!

My first block as a witness was over a year ago today and I have continued to witness, despite having hiccups along the way, because I care about and believe in this community, this blockchain, this idea.
I will always continue to witness for Smoke for as long as I can. I see no real end date to that, tbh. Unless I die. lol. :)

Out of these 420 days, I have handed out various hundreds of SMOKE in various ways.
I may have been a bit delayed in paying out sometimes, but I always ensure I get the rewards out to those who participate. :)

This contest was my very first contest ever! As you can see (if you look back at it) even back then, I was trying to promote and bring awareness to witness voting and how people should really consider what the witnesses do and try to support them. Obviously this is just as important now as it ever was. If anything, it's more important now than ever that we have quality witnesses and that they are being supported for their efforts.

I also held contests to try to find new content to curate and reward people for suggestions. Obviously it's not that hard to rifle through the new page and see for myself... but I wanted to see what other people were looking at and what they thought of it.

Ah, Christmas time. :) Another giveaway of mine, done around Christmas time! You can guess what I'll most likely be doing this year as well! ;)

The 4/20 Contest! A very simple contest. All you had to do for the contest was post a pic of what you were smoking on for 4/20! Simple, right?

My latest, finished right before I found myself locked up... lol. This contest was my largest giveaway (so far!) at 420 Smoke in the prize pool. I do, however, have plans for something much larger in the future! ;) You'll probably wanna stay in the loop for that one!

Looking back at my First Post Ever was pretty funny I suppose. I definitely didn't know much about formatting my content and I was not yet a witness on that day, that would come shortly after. I was just so hyped that the main net was finally up and running! I had not participated in any test net, simply because at the time I saw no value in posting for free still. (Now, I would've looked at that like a good way to build up relationships and find good content before release. You live, you learn!)

I was pretty excited to power up to 1,420.420 as well. ;P Can't go wrong with the 420 twice!

I even took a strong stance against abuse, despite losing support as a witness for it at one point. I got knocked out of the top 10 witnesses because I "falsely accused" (I stand by what I said, it was SUSPECTED, I never claimed it was sure, just that I was SUSPICIOUS about it and was watching things.) a group of people of being multi-accounting by the same person. (That also stands to reason, because if you look at the accounts on the list, many have gone MIA shortly after and some have come back to vote in patterns. If you care, take a look at their smoked.witness.pw pages for yourselves. Don't care? Then you don't care about your investment/the community. Sorry, not sorry.

On a lighter and final note. :P


This contest/giveaway is probably the simplest one yet, just reply to this post and you're automatically set to receive a portion of the 420 SMOKE prize pool! If your comment is valuable and relevant to the post (Meaning you actually read it and cared to give relevant feedback.) then I will count you as 2 people for the payout. Just like a lot of my other giveaways/contests, simple, right? :)

#witness #contest #giveaway

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Happy 420th! Good work.

Happy 420 days. I am approaching mine in a few days.
I called it as them raping the reward pool but I was told I shouldn't call it that so I been calling it abusing the reward pool but hey it is what it is I don't like accounts that do that, but it is obvious who they are, because they either post plagiarism or stolen photos or they don't post at all and are just after the curation rewards, it sucks but unless we start using Capita or something like that I doubt we can do much about it. Though when they plagiarize or use a stolen photo I flag them I also flag those just posting their sales link. Seriously we don't know you don't sell to us like that, at least get to know the community and let us get to know you.


Dude the fact that despite the odds you continue on as witness is a testament to your intentions ❤️

Stoked to see our days are so close, it was a wave of approvals 😉 including @graylan And @techcoderx that makes 3 witnesses in that single wave 🍻

420/6 = 70 Ea. ;)

@tecnosgirl and @d00k13, I appreciate your in-depth comments! :) Counted as 2 each!