Promotion Giveaway! 5000 + 1000 + 500 SMOKE

2 years ago

Hey Smokers! I'm doing a few contest giveaways in the next little while.

#1 The first, will be for a contest of who can promote in the most creative place/way. It can be a forum post, social media post, cross-platform, slap-stickers, mass emailing dispensaries - anything!
Please take a photo or screenshot of your efforts as proof of work. You can leave a comment on any post by @herbncrypto - OR - make a post with the hashtag #CreativePromotion.

#2 The Second, will be for who can create the funniest meme. Originality and creativity are very welcomed.
For a submission, you just need to hashtag your post with #MemeContest. - OR - leave a photo in the comments of any post by @herbncrypto

#3 The last winner will be randonly chosen from users who voted for active witnesses to move the inactive witnesses to the bottom of the board. The winner will be chosen out of anyone who is voting for active wtinesses, and not for inactive witness. If a user is voting for both active & inactive witnesses, that user will not be part of the prize pool.

** With the exception of Skylinebuds and growop as they may be up and running in no time. Updates pending

One contest, is worth 500 SMOKE,
one contest is worth 1000 SMOKE
and one contest is worth 5000 SMOKE.

It will remain a mystery as to which reward belongs to which contest.

Pick any of them or all of them, you can win more than one prize!

Deadlines will be announced Thursday night.

Incase you missed it
Free-to-use Logos, Vectors and Fonts

If you liked this post, or found it helpful in anyway - consider voting for me as witness

Keep it orange =)

And as always - Keep Smoking!


#smoke #cannabis #smoking #news

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MY SUBMISSIONS FOR smoke-io-promotion-giveawayCONTEST BY @herbncrypto

Hello stoners !
happy weekend, its been a while since I made designs for smoke promotions because of school activities, so today i stumbled on this amazing contest hosted by @herbncrypto and was motivated to upload these designs for smoke promotions.

Anyone can use these designs to promote smoke anywhere , feel free to use them.






Also shared on medium


link to the post i made of it


Wow, some really great work here!

Wow! Nice contest and so juicy prizes. I don't think that it is too much of a mystery to what prize applies to what contest tho :P


Thanks! You may just be surprised with which is which :)

Nice contest. Like the different options. 👌

Grow-op is trying to get the witness back up ASAP.


Thank you! I figured that would be the case, i have the same feeling about @skylinebuds

Here’s a couple I’ve been working on.


These are older promotion posts that I created . . .

1 - small 6.png

1 - small 6 purple.png

1 - small.png

1 - small 3.png

1 - small 4.png






Rexy - Bud small 1.png


Rexy - TieDye 2.png





Nice! Cross-platform promotions are often very successful - Great job!

Noted your submission!


Thanks :)

Hi @HerbnCrypto!
Here is my submission . . .


Very well done! I especially like this one because plenty of users are able to modify/use it for their own promotion ideas. Also - very professional looking!

Noted for your submission!


I was totally going for professional looking! So thank-you very much!!!

Am not really good at making designs but i came up with this for my twitter promotions, any one should feel free to use them to promote smoke as well. Hope you all like them, awesome contest @herbncrypto



Nice very nice contest :D

Cool contest. Need to get them creative juices flowing

Great contest ideas and tasks. I like that everyone is kept guessing. Thanks for hosting 🔆

Wow! That's incredible! Crazy inspiring contest and a full win-win!

Will be very glad to join it ..

Here's a couple meme's . . .
Luv the contest btw!



Really awesome contest with cool prizes, don't know if my resmoke will help