Contest Winners! 5000 + 1000 + 500

2 years ago



Meme Contest Winner: @maryjane - 500 SMOKE

Promotion Contest Winner: @mbj - 5000 SMOKE

Random Witness Voter: @z3ll - 1000 SMOKE

So sorry for being late on the winner announcement! Also haven't had time to post a witness update or just a nice ode to cannabis post. I will get to those very soon now though. Managed to keep up on curation and engaging users - trying to steer some new ones in the right direction. Finally deployed @pipe-cleaner! Take a look, if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions let me know!

Incase you missed it
Free-to-use Logos, Vectors and Fonts

If you liked this post, or found it helpful in anyway - consider voting for me as witness
Keep it orange =)

And as always - Keep Smoking!


#smoke #cannabis #smoking #news

Disclaimer: Winners will receive their prizes as soon as the prize pool has finished powering down.

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Nice one man, stay active 👍

YeeY! Guess I was right about prize distribution, tho its easier to say that now since I didn't want to break the "mystery" on the announcement post.

Thanks for the prize!!!

Great comp. with generous prizes....good work....

Congrats to the winners. Didn't even know there was a contest hahaha

What about them prizes :P


Sent yours! Was waiting for the prize pool to power down, but I've been buying enough smoke to send it anyways lol


No problem man, I was just curious. Thanks!