Smoke Cannabis Grow Cup - Design the logo and poster

4 months ago

Second Post

I released the first post introducing the cannabis grow cup the other night, You can find the post here if you have missed it.

I have had some interest from outside smoke for people that want to join and that is awesome. I plan to keep pushing for more members to join smoke and join this grow cup as well

In this post, I am giving a start date as well as giving some smoke away for some artwork that will be used for the smoke cannabis grow cup sponsored by @highroadseeds and the place you can get their seed from

Cannabis cup logo

as always I would rather ask and give away some smoke to the community here for art work before I outsource to other places.

For this, I am letting your guys freedom run wild and come up with a sweet logo that says "smoke cannabis cup" the rest is all your creativity. For this, I will be giving 250 smoke to the one the community picks.

To make an entry just leave a comment with your photo and say logo entry.

Poster art

For this one here I am making some posters and I want to send to other people, or maybe let them if they want to print and post in head shops, grow shops and dispensaries.

For this one giving a few logo's that HAVE to be used and made clear to see.

Logo 1 -


Logo 2 -

Logo 3 -


These are the 3 logos that have to be on the posters. I can provide all the plant porn if anyone needs them instead of using a free service.

I would like the main title to say "Skylinebuds presents cannabis grow cup"

for the prizes of this, it will go by the work that is put in as I will likely pick a couple of posters to use but everyone will earn some smoke for the time they put in. I am putting away 2000 smoke to send for these posters depending on the number of entries I get.

When you make your entry I would prefer You to leave it as a comment and I will upvote the comment, but Feel free to make a post, but I would prefer it to make a none shit post :)

Start Date

I have been thinking on a start date and it seems that we maybe have some people jumping the gun on this. I have set a start date for April 20th so that will give 20 or so days to get the word out and we will see how that goes.

So follow me @grow-challenge for more details to come like the final categories and sub-categories as well as the judges that I am trying to line up.

#grow #growcup #cannabiscup
smoke cup.png!

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I know just the person ..😁

But I need to ask you...she does vector and doesn't like to take stock images...if she tries poster, it will be more like illustration.

Do you have any preferences or it is all optional. How big is the size of poster...
You need to give more information. How big is it going to be printed?
These 3 logos need to be on the poster. What about new one?
If she makes a new one wouldn't it be logical for the new logo to be on the new poster?

Do you have any better resolution of last logo. If happy seeds has vector logo...if not she needs to create from scratch new one. It might be bonus and would be good for them to have it.


Lol you are right I forgot that the new logo should be on it as well... guess i never thought that out very well.. so I guess for the first ones I will mostly worry about these 3 logos.

I will see if I can get vector logos for you

I have not thought about size but likely just normal letter size poster for now to keep cost down.

As for the art work that is all up to you guys 😁


Going to pm you to send the vector files