Grim Addresses the Coalition Government

last year


The Brief

You are elected rep, in a coalition government. You have campaigned on approval of recreational use. Today is the final reading in the House and the law is expected to narrowly pass.Before the final vote takes place, you have to plead in its favor one more time... just one issue: you are high as a kite.

The Note

7. Deadline for submission is Monday, February 18, 2019at 0.00 GMT
I am aware that this is the late, but circumstances prevented me from getting in character in time. Since I'm such a big fan of this type of contest, and this prompt in particular seemed like a lot of fun, I'm writing this anyway. I hope you'll enjoy it.

/me runs out to get in character...

In Favor of Personal Sovereignty

To the Fine and Respectable Members of the House of the Coalition Government:

They tell me that tomorrow this House shall narrowly pass legislation that will approve cannabis for recreational use throughout the entire Coalition. Narrowly! 

What the, men, women, representatives? Narrowly?
Could it be that some of still seek to deny our fellow citizens sovereignty over their own consciousness? That for some purpose you think any person should be denied the right to re-create? Narrowly?

He steps away from the podium and walks to one end of the stage, reading the faces of the seated representatives before him. He sees in their expression a reflection of himself, and sensing an insufficiency turns around slowly strolling to the other end of the stage, this time looking forward into space. While internally he guides his breath down to the orange, stoking the forge within to heat the yellow ray - he reaches into his right jacket pocket and passes a pipe into his left hand, then into his pants pocket to retrieve a lighter.

He sparks the lighter and holds it to the pipe, eyes closed with a slow steady pull as the embers flare.

My good people of the House!

Clearly, smoke em if ya got'em - and for fuck's sake pass to those who don't. We're doing a fucking GREAT thing here, and we should be god damn proud of ourselves for it. Fucking Narrowly?

  • Which of you are still on the hook? 
  • Do they have a blackmail tape of you Ed? 
  • Do you feel honor-bound to be opposed because your campaign was backed by Phillip fucking Morris, Jennifer?

Sometimes, you're stuck in a swamp. Sometimes it's a swamp of sadness. Sometime it's a swamp of loneliness. Sometime it's a swamp of corruption. 

Cannabis is a Luck Dragon, Atreyu

She tells you - she gives her virgin life to tell you: 

You were never alone.

You don't have to be who you've been. 

You can still choose

You can still create.


Then narrowly rejoice, my fellow representatives. We've granted our people sovereignty over their own states of consciousness - we've undone a heinous injustice against our people born of greed and lust for power. 

Welcome to the Coalition's Hard Fork ;)

He bows, to resounding applause. Obvs. ;)

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