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I came across this contest ..........

Happy almost 420 everyone!! (well not really almost but let’s get excited). AS you may know, volume 3 released January 1st and sold with some pretty good success up thru today (still a few copies left, go grab one before they are gone), what you may not know is that the entire idea of Chaotique magazine in its baby stages of becoming an actual idea was going to release on 420 2019, because it is my favorite holiday after Halloween, however lack of time, content and any clue of how magazines are made or sold at the time so it didn’t happen, probably for the best because vol. 1 is still one of my favorites and I don’t think I would change anything about it now besides a few spelling errors. So you get what I am leading up to? Volume 4…..20 will be marijuana theme!! My vision for this volume is an artistic happy stoner vibe that whether you smoke, support, or are just curious what a bunch of stoned artists can come up with you will want to pick up a copy. As usual, ALL forms of art that can be dictated to the page are accepted photographs, words, poetry, song lyrics, tattoos, sketches, doodles, paintings, photos of you and your friends smoking weed etc.

For this volume, I will also accept some artwork that may not be weed-themed but art that you have created while under the influence of THC if you can accompany it with a sentence or two about your state of mind while creating it.

I would also like all of the participating artists to fill out a short stoner survey with fun questions like “what’s your favorite brand of blunt wraps” so I can include some fun facts and quotes with the artwork. This will be sent to you with the release form once your artwork is accepted.

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE THEME I DO HAVE TO LIMIT ARTISTS AND MODELS TO 18+ ONLY even though weed is legal in several states for 18+ individuals it is not federally legal yet so this rule is to protect both myself and all you young stoners out there, this will be info added to the usual release form.

ALL PARTICIPATING TEAM MEMBERS NEED TO SIGN RELEASE (you can also send me a model release for you if it covers publications) I can not and will not publish work without all parties credited and signed forms.

Please email the photos or dropbox link for submissions with photos at 300 dpi, be sure to spell check all your words and credits.

This issue will release on April 20th 2021 at 4:20 pm I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this vol. I just started shooting some fun stuff for this issue myself!

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