Stoned again, what's knew???
Yes, I know that's the wrong new!
But what do I know?!

It's #roachsunday everyone, just another hour or so to get your roaches under that camera! Don't forget your paper showing today's date like I did! I get too excited I suppose!

Like, finally know one took my roaches.
EH, Who are you, anyway?
The #roachbandit had been finding each and every roach over the past few weeks, I would have a roach that @tecnosgirl would come and share with me then,
Then I really have to wonder what happens to these mysterious little roaches. Like are they the palmetto bugs, with wings....oh wait, not those kind of roaches!
I will find you #roachbandit, and when I do, I might just squishh ya!

#high-ku #funny #humor #smoke

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I have a funny feeling the bandit has curly hair...... It was the reaction hehehehe


Oh, I am starting to think it is Test time!!!! Lol!


I "no" hypocrite!!!!!



Lets get stoney!


Wake n bake!!!???😀