New Years Eve scavenger hunt!!!! Stoner style!!! Win up to 28.40 Smoke

2 years ago


It's New Year's Eve and I know all you fellow smokers will be enjoying some fun filled activities! So how about we enjoy a scavenger hunt together!!!

The more creative you are in your endeavors the better your chance to win some extra SMOKE!!!

The first person to get all of these items captured, blogged, and linked in the comments below will win 14.20 smoke!!!

The person with the most creative finds will receive a bonus of 14.20 SMOKE!!!

That's 28.40 Smoke that could be yours!!! This contest runs until post payout.

Also to make it fair and so you can't just grab some image online, not that any of you smokers would, please add the date, "New years 2019", and your name on a piece of paper as you are capturing the image.

stoner related items to capture!!!
  • a pipe/bowl
  • grinder/scissors
  • psychedelia
  • your favorite stoner movie
  • smoke shop
  • a lighter
  • rolling papers/wraps
  • A smoking kit - you know a stash box!!!
  • a mushroom
  • an alien
  • a seed for future planting
  • concert memorabilia
  • your favorite stoner song... this one obviously doesn't have to have the paper unless you went to singing it yourself😎

As always thank you for reading and smoke one for me!!!!



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I could very easily have these done quick. As the smoke shop though closed is around the corner. Everything else is already in the house.


But I am going to bed right now maybe in the morning.


It can be pretty easy, but hey it's all about getting some engagement going. I know there's some good conversations going on the block but it seems some are too apprehensive to engage...i guess it's kind of like an ice breaker. Get people having fun together!! Hope you sleep well☺

Hahaha cool idea


after my lighter issue I figured what the heck, let's have a stoner scavenger hunt♡

I like this idea! An Alien though? Wut?
Is it rude to ask if you mean an alien to the country or alien to the planet? 👽


An alien to the planet👾 I figure there's gotta be something that has an alien on it in every stoners house, around town, at the smoke shop, or a comic shop... there's gotta be an alien somewhere😄

Dam some of these are easy the others are going to be hard to find... let see what I can find


Sweet! Thanks @skylinebuds and yes i figured keep it simple enough but yes some may a bit tricky...Hope to see some entries! Happy New Years eve😋