Give Me Your Best... First Time: CONTEST

last year

It has been a LONG time since I have done a contest of any sort... so why not do one today! I've been in need of some good laughs... some smiles and looking for reasons to find humor in my life lately; so I am calling upon ALL of you to supply that for me!


Let's do a contest that's easy, fun and gives us all a chance to relive OUR FIRST TIME!

We've all had the first time we smoked weed. We had paranoia. We experienced some odd happenings. Time traveled slow? Or perhaps too fast?

Whatever adventure or journey you had... share with us all!


All you have to do is write a post and share that moment of the first time. Then give me the link here.

Resmoke this post to get more people involved.

Use the tag #myfirsttime in your post somewhere.


  • First place - 10 SMOKE
  • Second place- 7 SMOKE
  • Third place- 5 SMOKE

UPDATE on the winnings!!

Thanks to @tecnosgirl- the prizes have been UPPED!

  • First place - 20 SMOKE

  • Second place- 14 SMOKE

  • Third place- 10 SMOKE

  • PLUS everyone who enters will receive 1 SMOKE; as long as they follow the three rules above

DEADLINE is Friday October 18, 2019


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The first time I smoked, I was 7 years old and caught my older brother and his friends smoking, I was gonna tell but they made me smoke it too so I couldn't. I don't remember how I felt but I remember laughing a lot and liking it so much, I would steal joints from my bothers stash occasionally and take it to the woods to smoke. Then I finally got old enough that people would sell to me and didn't have to steal weed off my brother anymore.


I am not writing a post but thought I would tell you real quick here about my first time. And as an added bonus I a gonna double your prize pool, sending you the smoke now.


Oh wow!!!! Thank you!!!

My first time, I was 12 yrs old, I shared a joint with my friend out back my house. I went inside and when I got in, I felt so fricking high, I went straight to my room and laid on my bed. I forgot I had my radio on low, and I could here this low ...Bong.....bong.....bong.....bong, ( I was laying there stiff as a board and wouldn't move in fear of what I was hearing. Next thing, I hear another sound join in and it was the AC/DC Hell's Bell's playing. I was sweating man, scared shitless lol. Mind you too, it was dark outside and I had no lights on in my room. so, ya lol, my first time. I been smoking since.

Awesome contest.. i like these storys :)