@curationbro Contest: History Of Weed- How Do Strains Get Their Names?

6 months ago

Blue Berry Kush from my last harvest

So how did this Blue Berry Kush I just harvested get its name?

Well first... Blueberry Kush is a pretty strong indica-hybrid, and offspring, of Blueberry and OG Kush. But to understand how the Kush... how the OG... how the blueberry all came together to create this amazing new hybrid strain, we have to first understand where the Kush, the OG and Blueberry came from.

The Blueberry part is pretty obvious, as if you smoke a Blueberry strain, you'll have an aftertaste more than likely of the fruity berry exploding in your mouth; sending your taste buds into a frenzy of happiness.

So here is a history lesson of how the strains got their names.

According to Leafly:

Strain names, like our own names, have a story behind them. Some were passed from parents or grandparents or even great-great grandparents. Others hold temporal significance, like Sputnik or Pre-98 Bubba Kush, denoting and preserving a place in history. Other names, like Strawberry Cough or Sweet Dreams, help you anticipate the flavors or effects to come.

So just as we name our children after someone in our lives, cannabis strains hand-down lineage names to their hybrids.

But instead of Jim Bob Jr or the Third... #cannabis has:

*Poison OG x GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) = Suicide Girl

Which all makes sense to me, but where did Kush and OG, the main strains' names, come from?

Kush's Namesake

According to Clear Choice, Kush; an indica-dominant strain hails from here"

Kush strains trace their heritage to the Hindu Kush region, an area with disputed boundaries shouldering India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Hindu Kush is located north of Jammu and Kashmir, currently controlled by India — which Pakistan argues belongs to them. The area has a rich history, not just because of its long history of cannabis and hashish production, but for its volatility and political instability

So somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains, the same place where I get my Pink Himalayan Salt from, originates one of the most popular indica strains to the cannabis world.

Not only is Hindu Kush a region made famous by its popular crop, Hindu Kush is an eponymously named landrace strain

But what is a landrace strain?

In simple terms, a landrace strain is known as a feral strain that was removed from its original location and reproduced (grown) by people in different areas and geographical locations. Now they (the feral plants/seeds) are known as domesticated plants and can be grown all over; not just to their indigenous location.

OG's Namesake

Did you know the OG in many cannabis strains stands for "Original Gangster"? Or does it mean "Ocean Grown"? Is this one of those "he said, she said" stories? So which is it? Depends on who you ask. Either way... OG is one of the most popular indica strains out there.

The OG strain name originated in southern California; which is not a controversial topic. See the FULL history of the infamous OG name here.

So every strain of cannabis that receives it name seems to have some ancestral namesake, as well as pointing to an important moment in history, famous person (ie. Bob Saget, Charlie Sheen) and the flavor/taste. Combine all, or some of these factors together, and you have a new strain of cannabis awaiting your sampling.

“Agent Orange was named as a tribute strain to Jill’s father who fought in Vietnam and ended up passing away from cancer due to the defoliant Agent Orange,” Subcool told Leafly. “Many distributors do not understand that this strain is a tribute, not a joke.

  • Chuck Norris, described as an actual kick to the chest by the man himself
  • Tom Cruise, a weed that’s supposedly able to make you end up doubled over in laughter for hours
  • Dirty Harry has strong odors
  • Bin Laden has also made its way into the world of weed. It’s used as slang for strains that can knock out even the most experienced smokers

Thank you @curationbro, @z3ll and @savagelion for this contest! And to all who enter- GOOD LUCK!





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Being in a town where the original cut of Og kush came to, from Southern California, I am very familiar with the story. The Og stants for ocean grown. The name came about when someone was smoking it, and said "wow!, this has got to be mountian grown", the grower said "nope, this is ocean grown!" But whats even more of a mystery is where did the clone only strain end up. I have had the real og kush, and let me tell you, its amazing! I was getting it back in 2006, and have yet to find anything close to that bud. Cool post. Names are not important to a smoker that doesn't care, but to the conasuar and grower, it matters!


Oh this is awesome!!! Thank you for adding to the conversation about the name origination!!! I love hearing stories from people who have experienced things first-hand.

YOU have one of the real OGK! OMGosh!!


I do live in the middle of Cannabis mecca. I wish I did know more other growers here, years of doing dope kinda made me a hermit, but not because my mind is gone, just because I lost friendships, and also just stopped meeting new ones. Keeps me outta trouble. I think I am ready though, maybe ill go up to Santa Cruz and start going to meetings with the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance. THose guys grow some of the best buds around!

First to up-smoke hehe :P


I'm second;))


Are you two stalking me??? lol


I read all your posts hahaha so yup you being stalked on smoke lol pun intended!


lol- too funny!


Wow! I’m reading that San Diego article and it’s crazy how many story’s there are! Lol such a interesting part of cannabis history that’s for sure! Another strain that has an interesting story is Cookies. You should give that one a read.

I’ve had real cookies before, and yes there amazing, but for 65$ an 1/8, it’s more of a novelty then a every day smoke

That bud looks good :D