My Ultimate 4/20 Contest entry.

last year

How did I get to

This question is very good and if I'm honest I can't answer it exactly because I don't know exactly anymore.
Either I found out about it on Cannasos, received the link in an email or found out about it somewhere else on the internet.
In any case, my interest in cannabis but also in cryptocurrencys led me to and I am very grateful for that.

I had very late contact with cannabis, because in my youth, thanks to the media, I always regarded it as something bad. At some point, however, my interest in cannabis was victorious and I got my first joint through an friend.

This first joint was so incredible, finally I could switch off and really relax. A feeling I didn't really know until then. Finally I could let go of all the stress of everyday life and negative thoughts and just feel good. Time to find out more about the topic.

Besides some good blogs I benefited from the upcoming crypto-movement, through which I ended up here. On I could meet many like-minded people, read a lot and learn a lot. Questions are also answered here quickly and friendly. made me plan my first own grow so that I can get my own cannabis without any problems and know exactly what I am smoking and that it is not chemically contaminated (like the weed on the blackmarket).

What am I currently smoking?

I can't say exactly, because I had to buy my current stock on the blackmarket and the seller or better says the middleman doesn't know the Strain. It is definitely indicadomindant.

What do I expect in longterm?

More experiences, meeting like-minded people and an exchange about our favorite plant. And maybe even it will be legal here in Germany to smoke cannabis, when more and more people meet in such networks as here and join together.

#420 Contest

Link the Contest:
also see

Thank you @tecnosgirl to make this contest happen.

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Thanks for your entry, good luck (I am loving all the unique ways people have been brought to smoke)

Good luck, whoever wins this contest is one lucky stoner!!!

You did well finding any flower. When I was stationed in Germany flower was almost impossible to find.