We All Will, Right?

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Do you feel like you do the work for your weed?

Or the work for your smoke as it is here?

I ask this looking at the content that is copy and pasted directly from other sites.

Cut and Paste is not work, that is lazy.

I know, I am guilty of it as well, no more.

I am putting a small group together to check and reward content.

My aim is to give 420 Smoke tokens to the best post of August 2020.

420 to the top post in each month moving forward.

I'd love to work up to 4,200 split between the top 10, time will tell

I would like to ask @tecnosgirl and @unnamed to help with selecting the best post.

Anyone else who wishes to help me select a post let me know below.

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Its just more fun that way. Also a great way to build your fan base, and keep them excited.

Exclusive is good. Exclusive is excellent. Exclusive FTW!

I like exclusivity. Especially cannabis exclusivity.

Message me on discord and we will work something out.

Well, i hope to win! :D