My Silver Shipped, what's next?

3 years ago


I did the contest last week for a 1oz Proof King Cannabis Coin and only had one entry. I can only assume that since this is a cannabis platform you were all to fucking paranoid to give your address out to a stranger. We all learned stranger danger but as I got older I learned that strangers normally have the best candy.

So let's do a new contest, same as before but for some Smoke Tokens. I will add ten to the winning payout for every entry submitted until I am out of liquid Smoke Tokens.

You can win by doing one of the following things as your own post and linking it here in the comments section and resmoking this post.

1.) Tell us a joke, make it original.

2.) A meme, make it original

3.) Funny story about when you were baked


4.) a Cannabis-based comic

That is all you have to do to win, good luck everyone.

Screenshot_2018-10-16  erodedthoughts.png

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Only 3 people followed directions and one passed his winnings on to the others.

@admiralsp & @tecnosgirl have each won 30 Tokens

Screenshot_2018-10-24 My Silver Shipped, what's next — Smoke.png


Winner, it does feel good to win, unto the next. Thanks and looking forward to the next 😎

Yo @erodedthoughts, let me hit you with my entry,


That's trippy!


Don't forget to resmoke this so your entry counts.

There is mine. Keep the rewards though for everyone else 😋


Sweet, thanks for being the first one to make me laugh today!

I'm in, off to making my post

"I can only assume that since this is a cannabis platform you were all to fucking paranoid to give your address out to a stranger."

^Epic... 😂


he already has my address I sent him some stuff a while back on steemit, so I had nothing to lose. LOL


Hell, I would have bought a PO Box to win that coin if I didn't have one already if I was worried about my address.



I want to win a gnome!!


In a gasoline station , a gasoline boy and a customer scene ,while the customer is puffing...

Gasoline boy : Hey man , what do you think you're doing???

Customer : Puffing , can't you see?

Gasoline boy : No smoking here , i know your life has no value , but come on! petrol's cost is getting unreachable


So I got some competition this round. Cool, cool, I will be back later on with my entry link. I got this, I got so many funny stoner stories you all should go back to bed I got this. LOL


Honestly this organization, this company, and this series is the best high thing you can get in my honest opinion