My Ingenuitive & Incognito "Daberatus" for Travel - From the Oregon Glass Studio to Anarchapulco - Contest Video Entry Post

6 months ago


I know its been a while, but I hope this post makes it worth the wait. @Canna-curate is currently holding a contest encouraging everyone to post about smoke sessions with their favorite cannabis consumption apparatuses. Being linked to this contest inspired me to create my first post in about a month.

Since I knew I would be extremely busy vending, performing shows, recording music videos, and experiencing more of the local culture during all the Anarchy conferences in Acapulco (including #Anarchapulco), I had not planned on having any cannabis related content to post while I was in Mexico. All that changed today, when I realized just how thrifty what we had managed to manifest for our trip was as a "Daberatus" - freshly coined term by yours truly.


I also remembered that I had previously recorded footage of this device being formed by my glassblowing friend and Needpedia founder Tony Brasher back in Oregon, before we left for our trip down south. The following video is a compilation of FIVE different videos, including the original creation of the "daberatus" which also displays my actual favorite smoking device - THE GLASS BLUNT, a smoke sesh with fellow Anarchy community member Danny Quest, another smoke sesh atop the roof of La Casa Jaguar (just a few blocks away here in Bonfil) with a real dab-rig, and a little cannabis related surprise at the end. This video-post is my official entry submission for the @Canna-Curate Cannabis Apparatus Sessions Contest:

In case you have not yet heard, Mexico recently legalized Cannabis!!

Click pic below to play video

I would have included the strain varieties we blazed during the various segments of the video, but I choose to leave those for a mystery of the mind - I leave you in wonder.

Backwards 2 anyone?

MUCHAS GRACIAS to everyone involved with hosting and sponsoring this contest including: @Canna-Curate, @JonyouDyer, @JackDub, & @PrettyNiceVideo - many blessings to you all and much gratitude for the opportunity.

If you have a favorite piece or pieces of your own, I highly encourage you to also enter this contest by CLICKING THIS LINK TO GO TO THE ENTRY PAGE WITH ALL THE INFO - TONS of smoke up for grabs.

FOR THE RECORD: I always prefer cannabis concentrate over flower when visiting Mexico - the flower down here is just simply no bueno. The dabs I came across however were delightfully stony, a perfect buzz for beach life in the coastal bay. The flavor was not too bad either, considering in was likely blasted using ditch-dirt flower material.

Mexican Flower
snap - 2019-03-01T201113.999.jpg

Until next time, I will be continuing to enjoy the culture & legendary sunsets of Acapulco.


High Vibrations to You ALL - Bless & Blaze Up

All videos, photos, and writing contained within this post are original creations
by @ELAmental

#canna-curate #dabs #legalize #smoking #anarchapulco #travel #life

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If youve ever watched my Dab Diaries Rewview and Vlog Videos I "DAB ON THE GO" i take my straw set up everywhere i go and I have a makeup compact style silcone case! My friends thought I was silly but see, clearly Im not the only one.


Way to go for sure.

Way to go! That bud reminds me of 1994! Lol I bet if you go into the Sinola mountains or Oaxaca mountains you’ll find way better smoke. Great fucking entry


Thanks brother, definitely felt inspired for this post, glad everyone is enjoying it.

Damn I was very entertained with this video! Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with your entry.


So happy to hear that, and thank you so much for providing the opportunity for everyone. Bless & Blaze Up.

Very nice device. It looks like a bliss to smoke. That bud reminds me of the Albanian stuff I used to get back in my hometown. My guess is it's some kind of indica. I can't guess the name but I think it's a indica dominant hybrid or a pure indica as I heard Mexico is mostly indicas. I might be wrong.


Yea who knows what strain it is - it seems like all the flower in Mexico that is grown outdoors is the same strain. Although my buddy I visited last year in Mexico city actually took care of his plants and it was the only time in Mexico I could actually smell and taste the difference in the strains - best I've found down here.


Kind of like where I come from. It's mostly Albanian unknown. It was mostly some unknown indica dn Sativa hybrid. Atleast that what I think. We would get couch locked but still have that energetic effect. Perhaps it was just the effect of teens getting high but it was mostly thr same shit. If you got something with a name you would go like "whoaa, something with a name". If that happened it was most of the time homegrown by someone.


Reminds me of the old days back in VA.


I guess we all went trough the teenage "whoa it has a name" phase.

Only apparatus? Why would you need anything else, that bend pipe is compact and convenient to travel with. Functionality before Looks.


Exactly, the idea here was discretion, that glass tube could be used for a number of things, and I am extremely grateful to have it here for sure. Much love.

Enjoyed the video - the bent glass dabber pipe works awesome, bonus seeing it made and toked too. I had heard of the glass blunts but never seen them, i'll be shopping for one next time i'm in town. Looks like a lot of fun down there at Anarchapulco - must be a pleasure to be surrounded by like minds. Good news they legalized it in Mexico, it would be a smart move for any tourist destination to lighten up on the cannabis laws. Thanks for the contest entry :)


Yea man my homie sells those glass blunts for like 10 or 20 bucks I believe. Would be easy to get you one made. HMU sometime, and thank you endlessly for this opportunity for the community,.

p.s. I think glass blowers are brave because that shit looks scary as fuck!


Haha, its not nearly as scary looking in person, it was actually was very interesting to observe.