"Sativa" - #420FREEWRITE WEEK 2

11 months ago


Oh SATIVA, how I love you so!
What’s not to love about weed and getting high?
A unique drug that takes me down a winding path.
Transported through a psychedelic trip to a whole new world.
Increases my creativity and always get my best ideas when I'm high.
Literally broadens my mind, man!
My Fil-Am boyfriend enticed me to have a puff.
Out of curiosity, I give in and tasted it.
A wonderful sensation is what I felt.
I really like the feeling, oh gosh!
Powered up my neurons, and sent me flying in a blue dream.
Sometimes when suddenly I am so insatiably famish.
Feel like I could eat all what is inside the refrigerator.
My body has somehow transmogrified into a garbage disposal.
That refuses to hold anything inside.
Spicy crabs and tuna and more chilli hotdog, please...whoa!
Pleasurable highs are ones that inspire feelings of hope,
Euphoria, enthusiasm and happiness,
Feelings that bring out my inner talents.
Dancer as I am, like to puff on a joint to give extra energy
Needed to cut loose on the dancefloor.
Cannabis is a way of connecting the will of my brain
Controlling my body but it still all depend on my sui generis body chemistry.
Well, one, they’re just a damn lot of fun.
I feel the urge to laugh at things I normally would not find that funny.
And, two, it takes my mind off.
Induced by a toke or two can open the mind and heighten concentration.
Adding pleasure to even humdrum chores adds to daily life a little bit of levity.
What's on your mind does not matter to me as I am not addicted to it.
It just helped my goal to gain the weight I want, sharpened my memory.
Increased my creativity when I was in the University at my tender age.
Cannabis is unlike most other illegal drugs as it has the ability to heal.
It cannot cure any diseases, but it can bring relief from symptoms that could not be stopped by other drugs.
Cannabis is still illegal in my country, it’s not yet possible to get the same levels of approval as legal substances.
It is not so much considered a plant as it is a drug.
Hoping that it should be legalized and regulated to allow sick people (like my son) to use it for medicinal purposes.
Legalizing cannabis only for medical use would allow patients to have other alternative when currently legal drugs are not working.

Thank you @dook13 for the initiative and to ever persistent @dragonxOx for encouraging me to join the contest.

I am using the freewrite tools from squibler.io. Proof that I am using the tools.

#420freewrite #420poetry #sativa #cannabis #smokenetwork

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Wow you got a long entry there, Tita @diosarich! It has full of emotions and knowledge. I hope your son is okay. Have a great day!


Thanks @palpitate. ..just sharing my euphoric experienced way back then...love it!..Yeah! hopefully cannabis will be legalized in our country for medicinal purposes so that my son will benefited from it.

Awful experience my dear! Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that it will soon be legalized. Synthetic medicines are killing me. As this writing prompt is about Sativa, it makes me think that with just enough amount won't be that alarming hence the need to be educated about this stuff is a must through legalization. There is already a proposal in congress as to its legalization and I hope it will be pushed through.


Am crossing my fingers that the bill on the Legalization of Cannabis would pass as there are lots of suffering patients who really need it.

Wow! @midastouch888, I imagine what happened when you and your boyfriend puffing and getting high.. Goodluck for your entry.


hahaha..well, you know what is behind the scene when you're on cloud nine. Thanks @lawlai. There's really a pleasurable high.

well written po 👌. while readind it it feels like am on a flashback seeing your cannabis experience.. felt every word , love how you made it a story.. keep it coming 👌


Thanks dear @zephalexia, without that experienced I won't be able to share everything to you guys.

You're trippin that mighty meaty spicy hotdog when stoned, that's awesome.
Smoke on!


Yeah @dargonxox! I love that mighty meaty spicy hotdog. Sometimes I mistaken it as chocolates..hahaha.. Just imagining that am eating chocolates and it does taste! Whoa!

what an experienced, I liked that feelin of dancin while puffin with your bf...means high above the clouds. .


Oh, yeah! It's really a wonderful feeling being so close to someone you love. Another kind of high.

Wonderful #420FreeWrite, Thank You so much for participating ❤️ Glad you gave in to your BF’s temptations 😉

This stood out to me

Cannabis is a way of connecting the will of my brain
Controlling my body but it still all depend on my sui generis body chemistry.

I agree, its like a physics questions asking what does the work... water or soap? Well the water, our body, always does the work but without soap it does a whole lot less!!!

Wonderful read, thank you for participating ❤️


Thanks so much @dook13. Yeah everyone of us has a sui generis body chemistry and it also depend on your trip. For me it's psychedelic and I love it!❤️ ... by the way, water is always the medium and it works well with anything else 😉 as Cannabis takes me down a winding path.