The best pipe on the blockchain

7 months ago

Wait.. @canna-curate is having a contest for favorite smoking apparatus.. easy win for @davedickeyyall with his fantastic entry..

Introducing @davedickeyyall and Gandalf..


Add some Master Kush..


And you have a Masterpiece..

Peace out ya'll.. Dave


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Love your Gandolf it's beautiful. I had one years ago but it broke. Then my buddy had one and it broke in half length wise. I guess we just have bad luck with them.

Love the Gandalf pipe. It's perfect.

Never argue with a hippie with a gun - if he says it's a Gandolf, it's a Gandolf. That pipe's awesome - deserving of the name, you picked the perfect bud too. Thanks for the entry @davedickeyyall :)

I had my Gandalf confiscated years ago, makes me miss mine

I need one of those, they’re really cool.

That’s not a pipe, that’s a weapon 😂 sick peice!

Always fun playing with the Gandalf pipes, my buddy has one we occasionally toke on. Its fun to pretend to be a longbottom leaf cheifin' wizard sometimes. Let's blow a boat smoke cloud.