#420Freewrite : "Sativa"

11 months ago


Thanks to @chipanda for the promo art


Once upon a midnight splendid,
Sativa! said I, a thing of a smoketree.
I chuckled, yes, Sativa!
Once we sat engage and toking,
Deep into the darkness chatting with @d00k13 and @indica,
The souls marvelled the epilobium cannabis.
And heard a smelly happy shoe tapping,
In a vast land of the jimsonweed.
And the thought of thorny opuntia,
My passion of a lovely Sativa!


This is my entry for @d00k13's #420Freewrite challenge

Created at Squibler.io

I was challenge by @palpitate to at least join this contest, because I was into dragging them to participate this free writing and find them too good on it.
I was thrilled when I first saw the challenge and was like hey guys I have something for you to try, just like what you did at the planet of Venus.
So, the worst writer on earth was tried by @palpitate and think a million times to do or not to, and finally!

I'd like to thank the host of this challenge @d00k13 for giving chances to those who can't show their grows for some reasons and now showing their mettle as free writers.

Thanks also to @indaymers for not allowing me to leave smoke and to @zephalexia for grabbing my invitation and to the rest of the freewrite entrants, you knew who you are...stay awesome guys!

#420freewrite #420poetry #cannabis #smokenetwork #sativa #indica

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Oh this is what I've been waiting for! I thought I have to wait a decade for your entry but here it is! Who says you can't write? Imma make him/her an ashtray. lol excellent entry, Kuya @dargonx0x! My entry is shaking.


yeah, I wasn't expecting your call and that was threatening hahaha...joke!
you shouldn't get weary with your entry, as I have seen, everybody in the freewrite league wins.
thanks for unboxing my fear of posting, lololollll...

There you are boss @dargonx0x! Let's puff then and give justice to Sativa! Let there be light or in the midst of dark chilling night, Sativa is there to fill your weariness.


oyes!, you're nailing it right, just keep on joining in this freewrite, glad you have joined from week 1 of the contest.
smoke on!

The most awaited entry of a certain promoter, himself has a freewrite! No other than the @dragonxOx!
Wow! It is so awesome, I feel you being so high above the sky.. Wanna give you beer.. Jejejeje


@lawlai there you go again stoned and intoxicated with beer, anyway let's beer at the other side hahaha...thank you for dropping by...
keep on puffing!

wow! short but very deep and meaningful. am nosebleed LOL, what more if you made it longer.. your words are amazing.. i wanna see more of this po. yey!!! thanks to you too! for dragging us all here. 👌💚💚💚


I can't make a long freewrite because 15 minutes is not enough for me and the worst writer here is a slow thinker, lol...
thanks for the kind words.
smoke on!

Wonderful ! Finally, you ' ve joined
the contest..... you've proven your writing prowess and I salute you for that because you came out of that crypto shell of yours and proved here that you are not just a crypto master but also got talent in writing.. kudos to your first entry! Keep it going!


wow, it sounds like a military band with gun salutes hahaha...
maybe because I don't trust my writing skills just so into numbers but you're right this is my first, never did this before even a free verse but yes, I will soon keep it going.
thank you.

That's bloody awesome


that's when nerve endings get activated hahaha...
thanks for dropping by.
smoke on!

Oh, nice entry for the contest... amazing


good to have you here, when are you going to create your freewrite?
can't wait to see you in the league.
keep on!

Right on brother, glad to see you participate ❤️ and thank you for dragging so many in 💪

Man you be challenging my vocabulary on this one, short yet very detailed... like a moment paused in time....

One day I will sit and blaze one with @Indica 🤞


My head bleeds after writing that one, I never thought I could create because I never did engage at freewrite somewhere, was just triggered by the call of @palpitate hahaha...
glad you drop by and spend some time reading.
smoke on!