Winners Announcement For The #420FreeWrite: Week #2 Prompt: Sativa

5 months ago

Alright guys another great week of #420freewrite’s, glad to see so many participate this week ❤️ Still moving and lacking most of my tools for creation so this is short and sweet straight to the point!

Winner @palpitate
I absolutely loved the “Triggered? Read it backwards!”

Bonus Reading & Special Reward GIF will be done when I can get my PC hooked up as this strictly mobile creation is a little complicated 😉

I will be sending out rewards for all participants as soon as this video is up! The next prompt will be a little delayed, should be able to get it up tonight if not will be first thing tomorrow morning... sorry for the delay me moving has been complicated 😆

Can’t forget to mention special thanks to my sponsors, @unnamed with @cannaweedness and @cryptosmokers you guys rock!

Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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congrats to @palpitate and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! we are triggered actually hahaha... and to those who believe in #FREEWRITE and thanks to @d00k13 for the reward and for hosting this challenge you open the doors of opportunity for non-smokers to showcase creativity.
keep on rockin!

Congratulations @palpitate! Smoke on!

Congratulations to @palpitate for winning this time.
Keep it up high @dook13
Thank you for the tokens in my wallet.

Congratulations @palpitate! more, more, more!!! It´s a fun contest and I hope you are very motivated to join in the next prompt.

Wow! I never expected this! Yesterday was my birthday so I was so busy plus I had to report to work in the morning but I've already read and watched the video yesterday. This is such a nice birthday gift! Thank you so much @d00k13 for the prize and for reading my poem.
Smoke on!

congratulations @palpitate.. keep it coming and heypi heypi bornday 🎂💐💚

Happy birthhay @palpitate