Winners Announcement For The #420FreeWrite: Week #1 - Prompt: Indica

9 months ago

Here we are wrapping up the first week of the #420FreeWrite with two excellent entries. LOL sorry for not getting this up last night I fell asleep waiting on my video to render, life of a hard working stoner 😜

So I talk in the video above about what I intend to do with this going forward, how my little project will hopefully turn into something grand.

I decided to go with video format kinda last minute..... creative process 😁 also decided last minute to split the Surprise and the Bonus rewards while keeping the participation rewards of 42.0 Smoke.


Participant posts are within the final hours of payout, any support for their participation and excellent writings is greatly appreciated 💕


Oh indica.. indica.. indica.. I am longing to meet you and have a taste of you.. They say you are one of these cannabis types which has lots of benefits. and i would love to have you tried . Yes! i really love to try and plant you in our yard.. to harvest you and probably mixed you with my cookings.. my smoothies.. and even in my simple salads...


Indica.... what makes this wonderful plant unique among other plants on earth? Well, it makes the world go round and given the choice, I prefer to combine sativa and indica because it is a combination of both. It is a complete package in which others try to breed to arrive into a more innovative kind of indicas and sativas.

Thank You for participating and making the first ever #420FreeWrite get off to a good start, 42.0 Smoke on its way! Can't wait to read what you both come up with for the next prompt!

Surprise & Bonus Reward Winner


For their excellent #420FreeWrite speaking of longing for Indica and experiencing its effects for the first time! I totally got the feeling of longing from your writing, excellent job! Thank you for being the first also, I had not expected such a quick response 😍

Bonus Reward

I will be doing a reading of your #420FreeWrite, when I get a little time, and posting on YouTube as an unlisted video. This is something I have been wanting to work on for awhile, developing the skills of reading aloud. I will share the link on your post when it is ready 😜 should atleast be worth a laugh!

Surprize Reward

Now I am no professional when it comes to making images and what not but I do enjoy making them nonetheless so to further aide in developing those skills while also rewarding participants the surprize & bonus rewards will be something I can create that hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of or can add to your content creation/blog.

@zephalexia's surprise bonus

You may simply add this to your post where you choose by using the following code

<center>![@zephalexia's surprise bonus](</center>

Furthermore because of the way I do my GIF's I have this saved as a full video clip with music to be used as a vlog outro, if you are interested please contact me on discord and we can discuss the best means to get you a copy!

Thank You Everyone!

I want to take a moment to thank one particular individual with this post and also include them in being rewarded despite not participating. Without @dargonx0x having promoted my post and getting the attention of both participants I am afraid the first #420FreeWrite may have gone unnoticed. Thank You for this my friend I appreciate your level of engagement, 42.0 SMOKE on its way 👍

#smokenetwork #smoke-io #winners

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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That was just for the sake of awareness that is having free writing, at last, a sort of no rule kind of writing. And was glad to share it to some and was delighted to see them took an action, and never expected to get a reward for spreading a good project and thank you so much, hoping that more writers will flock on your free-write, that is a very good one.


Hey man you did me a solid and that deserves appreciation!

So far so good... better results in 2 posts than I got after running a giveaway on Steem for months 💪 I even had more to reward with then and full sponsorship but it just never took off 🤔 the culture here is just that much more supportive and I love it 🥰

Wow this is great! CONGRATULATIONS to @zephalexia and @sarimanok and also do dargonx0x ... you´re all winners!!! Hopefully more will join this contest.


thank you much po 💚


Thanks @indaymers! And many thanks for the support and motivation to make good posts.


thankies @indaymers and hoping you'll join the freewrite too, I want to see you along with the great free writers.

Congratulations to both @zephalexia and @sarimanok and to Sir @otom.
Keep it up @dook13


hahaha otom this is not steemit, we're smoking here lololollll...


Wajajaja! My bad! Sorry Sir! @dragonxOx, you are really like a dragon here! Push and puff


Thanks dear @lawlai. This is a good start.


thanks much much @lawlai 💚

Thank you so much! What next?


Your most definitely welcome 💕 I am working on the next prompt post now and will be up within the next few hours!

Glad to see your eager to participate 👍 Can't wait to read the entries for this next prompt!


congrats to both of us po. you really did a great job , let's cheers to that , very first participants 👌💚💚💚

oh oh! Congrats @zephalexia with your talent in freewriting really excelling in this @d00k13 contest. With @sarimanok, too.


Thank you! Of course I am next to @zephalexia since there's only two of us. Nevertheless, I will do my best to prove am worth it even if am not on top. Let's smoke to that!


thanks you pp @yduj 💚

woahh! congrats to @zephalexia and @sarimanok,. and to boss @dargonx0x as well.

I shared it to my friends too for more visibility of this awesome challenge, they might want to join too.


looking forward to your joining in freewrite, see you on the next prompt, lol!


LOL, I hope and I wish to boss.


Indeed, these two are among my guiding stars along with @indaymers.


yeah these guys are awesome.,


thanks @g10a 😉


wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! thanks sooo much for this @d00k13 , i really appreciate you appreciating my freewrite. plus!!! the surprise and bonus rewards!!! yay!!! i sooo love it , i'll definitely use that on my next post... i am very thankful as well to @dargonx0x for dragging us on this contest , 😘 . i am so inlove with the idea of freewrite eversince , the freedom and creativity...

Thanks d00k13 sooo much , for all your beautiful words for my work. you can definitely use my freewrite for your reading , i would love that!!! . and i so love your gif artwork , personalize for me. yay!!! i am sooo happy that i've joine d. hope to see more people joining as well . we'll support you all the way.

by the way , you look good and love the voice

thank you thank you very much!!! 💚💚💚


Your very welcome my dear ❤️ and thank you for the compliments!

I will be doing your reading as soon as I get my computer put together again lol.... if you watch the next winners announcement you will know why its a little postponed but I am a man of my word and I will be doing it for you!

Thank you again for participating 🙌

Wow! Congratulations to all the winners 🤩 @zephalexia, @sarimanok and @dargonx0x 🔥🔥🔥


thank you @gyn 💚