Indica IS The First Flavour I Reach For! - #420FreeWrite "Indica"

11 months ago

freewrite #1 indica.png

Well here we are, my very first #420freewrite and I am leaving it till last minute just because....

Indica IS!

Always the first flavour, I reach for!

She won't leave me, to want more!

Flavour and Stone, a Head High!

I Contemplate Mixing, You ask Why?

Talk to @sarimanok, they agree with.... sigh......

My Opinion!

For each of us is here, eager minds in gear,

we bring about the cheer, raising cannabis beer!

Always the first to toast, NEVER a single boast,

You bring about the most, inspire us not to coast!

Indica IS The First Flavour I Reach For!

Starting with a little poetry I will now explain what I was getting at..... @Indica is well just like Indica.... the head high which is always enlightening.... I have never been let down by a first grab of any Indica flavour and landing on this platform I was very inspired to see the efforts of @Indica with curation and outreach for the platform. I see we are like hearted individuals and I want you to know how much the entire platform appreciates you! I see it everywhere I go, you are everywhere and that as a curator, even though we are still a small platform, is a feat in itself!

You are an example of how one person can make all the difference in the dreams and aspirations of many!

#420freewrite #420poetry #indica #smokenetwork

Reiteration Of Contest Post W/Rewards Update

Introducing The #420FreeWrite: Week #1 - Prompt: Indica

Welcome to the very first #420FreeWrite my very first real project as a witness on the #Smoke-io network. I am starting this off as a participation based #giveaway rather then a normal contest with a surprize bonus to the top pick, revealed on next post.

What Is A FreeWrite?

Freewrite - Well, it is the opposite of a well thought out, highly edited, and grammatically correct piece of writing.

Freewriting is to set a timer for a certain amount of time and write. Without stopping. Without correcting anything. Without worrying if what we write is good or bad. Nobody cares.

The point of the freewriting session is to get out of our heads and tap into our creative self - allow things to flow. Sometimes, great writing will result. Well, and sometimes - not. The point is to get into a weekly (or however often you can) habit of writing.

Simple as can be a freewrite is the most raw form of writing there is, just put it down with minimal corrections with the point being to flush out the idea within the given time limit...

What Is The Prompt?

The prompt might be one word, several words or a phrase. Make sure to include them somewhere in your writing.

Or it might be a question or a statement. No need to include those in the text unless you want to.

And since this is a freewrite for free writers - in the end, do what you feel like that day. But share with us!!

Prompt: Indica

Each prompt may have its own set of rules or time limit listed so please double check

  • Set your timer for 15 minutes
  • Start writing
  • Use the hashtag #420freewrite and #420poetry if it turns out to be poetry
  • Please include one of the free use promotional artwork pieces from @chipanda or @li-art in your post, can even be the title image 😉
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)
  • Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post leaving a prompt suggestion for the next post in your comment also.

You may enter as many times as you like in a week but only one FreeWrite from each author will be selected for reward but don't let that stop those creative juices as who knows which one will be the best!


I want to give a giant thank you to @unnamed and the associated witness @cannaweedness for supporting my #420freewrite idea, formerly thought of as #blockchaincoffee. With the first sponsorship of 420 SMOKE 🙌 @unnamed gave me the kick in the bum to get it going that I needed
😜 Much Appreciated My Friend 😎

My Top Pick - Surprise Bonus + 42.0 SMOKE

All Participants - 42.0 SMOKE

Furthermore I will vote and reply to all qualified posts & comments!

Please read, comments and vote (if you have voting power) on each others freewrites as much as you can. Especially if you are new to the platform, you will be surprised how many friendships are formed by reading and commenting on each other's work!

Entry Cut Off

Winners will be announced and rewarded plus surprise reward revealed Sunday evening my time(12hrs from time of this post) and the next contest post launched Monday morning(24hrs from time of this post) my time (GMT-7).

Other Contests & Giveaways

Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Lol 😝 if your looking for further contests check the authors listed blog page for most recent.... sorry off to work lol last minute rush job as stated but I think I nailed it nonetheless 👌

Winners announced after work 😍 stoked to have had 2 solid entries on the first #420FreeWrite 😍


Keef safe! The entrants are so excited waiting for the result.


I am really glad to have 2 perfect examples for my first prompt 😍 I can thank one person for getting both of their attention 👍

One person can make a difference 🙏

Thank you @dook13. You are doing good out there and here. Thank youfor sharing your thought about freewrite and prompt. Now got an idea jejejeje. Have a great day.!Can't wait seeing who will be the winner. I will try next time.


Thanks my dear 😍 I have a fair amount of practice doing these for the freewritehouse but this cannabis related writings is completely new to me 😅

Never to late 😉 we have only a few participants so I’m not going to be a stickler for the rules.... I will reward you even if coming after the “cut off” for the week 😉

I would love for you to participate and look forward to reading your works 👍

Working on the surprise bonus now.... then soon to come the announcement post 👌


Yes, I know you for a long time, you are so generous person. Thank you and I hope I will be joining next time.


Glad that you did join us, little behind on all my engagement but I did give your freewrite a quick resmoke 👌

Yay moving 😅

whoa! Did I see my name up there? You bet, I prefer the mixed ones and that makes us compatible in a 'mixing" bout. Seriously, I am beginning to be your fan here in Smoke. You talk freely and so lighthearted. No wonder you're a successful Dtube magnate!


You did buddy 👌

Thanks for the support my friend, I am a big believer in speaking my mind and that means I also appreciate people that respect my disposition and here on Smoke I do feel as if I can speak openly without scrutiny like I have faced from time to time on DTube for my opinions 😅

I tell it how I sees it and that’s why I believe we need a SmokeTube 💪