Dropped The Ball But She Kept Me Going - #420FreeWrite “Sativa”

2 years ago


Woah even more last minute this week, I needed me some Sativa to push through this chaos!

I will admit I am falling a little behind on many other things I have tried to do over the last year, for the first time ever I have put down the majority of my posting activities elsewhere. This move has been a little bit stressful but the majority of it is now over and I can thank my energetic girl Sativa for getting me through.

All last week I was cleaning and packing getting ready then this weekend the move happened and for the next week I will be cleaning the old place and unpacking all our stuff, you can bet sativa will be my go to for this week also!

I always reach for Indica at the end of my day but you better believe when @d00k13 needs to get done you won’t find me sat with Sativa. On my feet, GO! GO! GO!

I love the fact that depending on what is needing to be done there is a flavour of Cannabis for every situation! Had I need trying to blaze that Indica it would have been a little less than efficient, as you should be able to imagine, how in the hell to we fit this mattress on the elevator 😆

To finish off this #420freewrite I just want to apologize with a little #witness-update for having missed so many blocks with my #witness. I had intended to have overlapping Internet so that I would not have it shut down for any length of time. It seems as if my old ISP decided to shut down my Internet early as the gentleman who is supposed to do the job isn’t available the day I requested so I was missing blocks for around 12 hrs.... as soon as I learned of it I rush to correct the situation, again I’m deeply sorry guys now that I’m all set up in the new location it should not happen again!

Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Oh, I like really like this #420freewrite challenge but I better join next time... I think it's to late for me to submitted for Sativa entry.. I will try next time..


Just to late now but when you left the comment you still could have gotten yours in, putting together the announcement post now but tonight I will get up the next challenge so yea I would love to see you participate in the next one ❤️

same situation here, the cleaning - decluttering, packing and unpacking again at the new location, sweaty puffin...


Straight up “sweaty puffin” lol for awhile there I was just walking around with the joint hanging out of my mouth while I did stuff.... getting smoke in the eyes.... screw it just keep going 😝