What's up guys! Thanks for the massive upsmokes!

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4 months ago

Power-up time!

I really feel like this platform is finally about to get the traction it deserves. One thing I have been curious about though.. What ever happened to @stoner? Is he alive? Are there any devs still actively working on smoke.io? I need to find out more info but not positive who to ask so I figured this is as good of a place as any.

Someone convince me to power up a bunch of SMOKE!

Answers as to why I should buy SMOKE will be rewarded with a new follower (me) who will probably be upsmoking your posts and comments fairly often.

Best answer gets $5.00 USD in SMOKE once (if) I'm convinced to buy it.

Edit** Well, guys, I didn't last long and decided to buy a few SMOKE and power it up. LOL I'll still send $5 in SMOKE to the best commenter by the time this post pays out!

-Crystal Human

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New Witnesses and Developers coming soon. And a big Smoke Investor. ....


Ooooo O.o

Welcome back to the platform. Smoke IS the best EXCLUSIVELY all canna platform.

The backbone of the network has been running pretty much flawlessly since the last hardfork. We are currently running v0.1.0 and have had few hiccups with the stability of the blockchain.

The Smoke.io web front end has been stagnate of development for sometime. Although the chain is open for public development using the RPC nodes. All this information can be obtained through the Documentation link in the menu bar, or by clicking it here.


You can also reach out to the Smoke community by joining us on the Smoke Discord server. If you already have discord here is a direct invite to the server that anyone can use.

There are currently devs working with the Smoke blockchain. Recently user @yehey has completed the maintenance on the Swap Token DEX for Smoke to HIVE transfers/token swaps. You can read about the accomplishment in his post:

There is also a site to check on the status of the service prior to making the transaction. You can view that here.


I also run a witness and dev Smoke chain tools in my free time, as well as puff a lot of cannabis. The traffic here may seem light, however we have some top notch bloggers that show themselves from time to time and the rewards are great for good posts.

If its canna content you want, you are in the right place. Yes there is canna here and there everywhere, but here, cannabis is our platform.

P.S. A vote for my witness would be appreciated

Welcome Home.


Thanks! I actually shared his post earlier right after I spent 2000 SMOKE on a gateway fee... lol

Also, thanks for the Discord link, I was meaning to go and look for it. I was in the Discord before but they deleted my last account so I have had to re-join a lot of servers :|

Happy smoking!


Also, I voted for your witness :) Peace!


Looks like you'll also be winning $5 in SMOKE in about 3 hours :P


With the current price of SMOKE being 0.07 BTS, $5 in SMOKE comes out to roughly 1350 so I'm sending 1500 :) Thanks for making a valuable comment and helping keep Smoke.io a place worth returning to.


Thanks for the smoke! This is the best cannabis exclusive platform!

Are we gonna list to other exchanger?

Followed. Huge Curation rewards here if you Power up....


Definitely love me some curation rewards

Friend, what good content you have. Thanks to your post I have also managed to find answers.

Now I follow you.

good fumes