Saturday Cannabis Contest

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4 months ago

Hempy Saturday!

I just thought I'd drop in and see how all my fellow smokers were doing today. Since there doesn't seem to be much action on the site I thought it my duty to enliven the place a bit with a small contest.

I haven't had any dabs since I last left the USA back in 2016 and I miss them so frickin much.

I know most of you are lucky enough to either make your own or live near a dispensary where they are readily available so let's see those dabs!

I'll send 50 SMOKE to anyone who shares an original pic of some high-quality wax in the comments below. (Only one submission per account will be counted). Whoever shares the best pic of their dabs will win 250 SMOKE! (Images will be judged on creativity.)

There is only one rule! Your image MUST contain your username to prove that the pic is original.

Since I don't have any dabs of my own, I can't use an original pic of any lol. The above image has been borrowed from here

Good Luck!

-Crystal Human

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Ill add 100 smoke to the winner!

Going to the dispensary tomorrow to buy some dabs. Traveling a couple of hours to get it too

Wow, it looks very amazing...good luck.


If you would read the posts and respond accordingly I would continue to upsmoke you but this generic comment really just seems like you are trying to get paid for 0 effort. I am all about supporting those who engage in the community but this comment, along with several of your other comments, seem to me to lack any real value.


If English isn't your native language, feel free to respond in whatever language you prefer and I will translate it. :)

Hola amigo.

Es interesante encontrar este concurso, así que participare con gran gusto.

Esta extracción la elabore yo mismo:


10 gramos de flores de variedad local #indica transformados en #rosin a temperatura de 90 °C y presión de 2 toneladas



Soy promotor de esta gran red social para generar contenido en #spanish desde hace varios meses. Y se que realizando actividades como este concurso vamos crecer como comunidad cannabica exponencialmente

Buenos humos a [email protected]


¡Muy bien, bien hecho! ¡Gracias por comentar! :)