I talked myself into getting a couple grams of high grade

in #contest
4 months ago

Glad I did!

This herb tastes like some dank hash! Pure clean water hash from back in the day. Reminds me of my teenage years lol


Just cleaned the perc for a maximum flavor experience. My lady picked the color but I actually kinda like the pink on the bong haha (It's much brighter without camera flash) :D

EASY CONTEST: 100 SMOKE goes to the first person to say which website is on my laptop screen.


nom nom nom


This is about as good of a close-up as my phone will get.


Delicious! I think I'll have another. What are you smoking?


-Crystal Human

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Coin market cap is the site. That bag does look dank. Let’s get some bud close ups. We all like the centerfold!


Close-up pic added :)


That does look flame.


We have a winner! Incoming SMOKE in 3...2...

My phone camera really sucks for close-ups but I'll get one here in a few. Thanks! :)


ThNks for the smoke. Did you accidentally send too much? I can send back. If not wow thanks.

edit I see why now. Thanks for that too!

I myself am having
Cali bubba


Sounds delicious! Smoke one for me!

Pink bong works,for me..


I like it, the thing works fantastic for a cheapie China bong tbh.