TrippyContest3: Live to Tell, the Music Trips // WINNERS

3 months ago

As some of you know TrippyContest3: Live to Tell, the Music Trips that was held by @cannaweedness with the support from us has ended. Full prise has risen to 800 total. One more thanks to @canna-curate that has sponsored 100 SMOKE and our tribe Councillor @lordoftruth that has also boosted the prizes and reward. It is time to go through all the entries and announce the winner/winners.

trippy cover.PNG

Successful contest with loads of cool music and stories to enjoy our J's with.. We needed a lot of time to go through most of the songs mentioned in posts. Might be we have developed Tinnitus. Some of the things we listened reminded us of our youth and childhood, some made us think about love and passion. Others were something new where we learned about different styles of music. Reading about some turning life points and inspirational moments was enlightening and motivational. Listening to the music one of you produces has made stunned. We have a feeling like we have known every contestant even better. It was an amazing experience to bound, at least in this 010100101 way with some decibels. Hope our neighbors do not mind if we pumped up a volume a bit.
We are sure they loved your entries as well. (100x100).gif

Critical reflection on the entries, written before the results have been published by @cryptosmokers

TrippyContest3: From Grief to Anger to Love – Finding Myself In Music

Starting from past, she retrospectively looks at her love from Music. What was the first love, how it all started? Resuming in kind of a sad way with only a glimpse of hope, luckily that glimpse turned into spark that lit the enjoyment. Later came rebel phase. Punk, rap, HC…
We have viewed and learned a bit about punk in “Riot Grrrl: The '90s Movement that Redefined Punk”. Then, came part that made it look like a story for the movie. Story about friendship and courage. This was so inspiring to read, we cannot describe.
Playlist consists of Queen, Advanced Chemistry, Ben Folds Five, BAM BAM – Sister Nancy, FKJ, Chilly Gonzales, Tash Sultana. Small bonus was trip[ping part of playlist that included Meute, N’to, Tipper, Bassnectar, Liquid Stranger, Weval, The Detroit Experiment , Kiasmos and few other artists. Definitely loads of new music we haven’t heard of and we are so thankful you @mayb introduced it to us.
Seemed like the playlist can go on for the whole night; and trust us when we say it did.

zelena crta.png

TrippyContest3: Music To Float A Boat

@barge took things a bit differently straight from the start. What drawled our attention was mention of Bollywood and Lollywood. Something new to learn. Moving to Europe was a new field for exploration of music interests as well as experimenting with weed, at university to be specific. Then came mushrooms and Pink Floyd, and we all know in what direction this pushed our author.
Really refreshing to look from the mixture of cultures and where it all leads.
Soundtrach of the posts consisted of nine songs. Reggae on with The Gladiators - 'Sweet So Till'. Classic from The Stranglers - 'Golden Brown'. Personal song, Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River. Classical Indian music represented by Ali Akbar Khan - 'The Emperor' and other influenced by it like Abida Parveen and Bollywood represented by Anuradha & Udit Narayan. Later, for sleep we went by the recommendation with some psychill to rest our heads and ears from all the Indian sound.

zelena crta.png

Metal Leafs / LordofTruth puts the Rock in TrippyContest3

From Romania with sound of distortion and riffs came mister in leather, @lordoftruth himself. Just by the title of the post we knew straight away where this is going to go. Starting with a lesson in regulations in Romania as well as telling us about stereotypes regarding people that listen to rock, just to get us going. He then transfers to explaining why he loves certain musical styles and artists.
Starting with Reggae and Marley, we can relate completely to why one would listen to him and enjoy his music. A bit of rock, specifically Black Sabbath. Old love of every Rocker. Let’s not forget Deep Purple as well as their riffs. What was new for us was Diamonds and Rust, Joan Baez and their acoustic track. A bit of relaxation after all riffs and heavy sound. For the end, good old grandfathers of Metal, Judas Priest.
Oh, how we reaped our neighbours’ ears with this one. Thanks man, and Rock on!

zelena crta.png

My short story for the TrippyContest3 contest

Starting with hip hop, @minigunner chooses different approach, think globally act locally. Lithuanian and old school way. Intriguing and something never heard before. SEL – Kiemas has that old school touch but only thing we could understand was Beasty Boys and Kris-Kross. Similar style is followed by Sel - (aš toks) kaip ir tu. We just nodded our heads to the beat. Walk down the memory lane with Donkey Kong Country Theme. Don’t know why but it was funny and sad at the same time, to remember childhood. Thanks bro. Later in life, moving to Netherlands he started to create his own music. We can only ask, why the hell he didn’t continue with it. Rest of the playlist that got him through the life includes Coolio, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Linkin Park, Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode and few others.

zelena crta.png

Music is something that has to be heard and felt

Different, emotional approach to the love of music. Understandably love is emotion. @zuculuz explains to us what music means to him. What was interesting is the variety of genres From rock, metal, reggae, trance, techno, rap and even unorthodox music like Indian mantras. Taste is backed up by artists like Skindread, Horsman Coyote and Jah Manson, Bridge To Solace, Eminem, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Jai Jai Shiva Shambho - World Hindu Chants. Rather diverse, right. Something a bit different with AMV – Colouring. Then there is Justin Bieber - Love Yourself, Post Malone – Patient. Some trance like Talamasca and Rising Appalachia. All the above songs have explanation why he loves them, there is not enough time to go through all of them, but make sure to check it out. We loved it and felt like we have gotten to know you even better.
And, btw, your brother says there are no ugly haircuts, just ugly faces! :P

zelena crta.png

MY ENTRY FOR THE @CANNAWEEDNESS #trippycontest3..... WHATS MY M&M MIX!!!????

@prettynicevideo did not experiment too much and went with her signature style of post. Vlog. She has also achieved a medal. First Vlog submission to any #TrippyContest , congrats Madame! Story was sad, life is hard, was hard. Thankfully there are always good people around you. Sad story from her life followed by something that cheered us up from the tragedy previously mentioned. s TOOL being the favourite band, Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Nothing More, Voltbeat. A Perfect Circle, Puscifer are some of hear other indulgence for ear…If you wan't you can always check out her lip sing and if you want to hear more ,usic she likes you can always tune in @cannacurate 's discord on Thursdays at 5pm PST and listen to the radio show she is hosting.

zelena crta.png

My Musical Journey

@chiraagnd starts with explanation of why music is important to him and how he perceives it. His musical journey is explained, from Metal to Dpsy. From Metallica to Maiden. Interestingly here jumps in Eminem. We can dig it. What drives him mostly is melodies, riffs and solos; like every metalhead. What was on the playback was Ozzy, Floyd and Doors.
Then came trip to Goa and LSD. We can presume where this leads to. Forest Psy, Dark Psy, visualisations, geometrical shapes. Parvati and PSykovsky. Well known producers on the scene. Then we read why there is such a strong connection with this scene and the beats, baseline and melodies. Psy on dude and remember. P.L.U.R.! (100x100).gif

All of you did an amazing job, thank you for your time and effort put into this and promoting us. We, @cryptosmokers are grateful and thankful for this. You can believe us when we say we speak for @cannaweedness team as well.

Here are some of the cited feedback from the judges:

A lot of great music, some great quality entries too - i'd call it a success. I feel like i knownthe people that entered a lot better now, a whole lot of backstories, cool :)

Glad to see several entries with own music and also first own videos to TrippyContest. Bonus point for each of them. Explosion in rock content as well. These stoners are metal here! 🤘

Loved it @mayb, the way you weave a story makes it a joy to read :)

zelena crta.png


Due to tied 2nd place we have decided to reward the contestants as following:

Ranking and RewardAuthorScore
1st place-270 SMOKE@mayb7.2
2nd place-170 SMOKE@barge , @lordoftruth , @chiraagnd6.2
3rd place-70 SMOKE@minigunner6.0
Congratulations to @mayb, you deserve it, definitely. It was really pleasure to read and get to know you better while listening to music that you prepared for us. Not just you, all of you. Thank you all one more time. Hope to read r posts in our other contests.

zelena crta.png

One more side-note. We are supporting one more contest, curently held by @jackdub, one of our tribe Councillors. Post Contest: What are You Rolling With ? --- 1,500 SMOKE Prize Pool

Few simple rules. Make a smoke session post on featuring the Papers or Wraps that you roll with and grab some SMOKE for sure. Read more in above link and be sure to jump on reward train. Grow with us!


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Thank you, thank you!!! I wanna thank my Mam and my Dad. I wanna thank Cannabis. I wanna thank for giving me this chance :P And a very big thank you to @cannaweedness @canna-curate @cryptosmokers and @lordoftruth.


You should thank only yourself.

A big thanks to @cannaweedness @canna-curate and @cryptosmokers.
Kindly be informed, I sent also 80 Smoke / 20 smoke was sent to every winner.

Congrats to the winners.


Thanks a lot LoT 🔆 :)


Amazing man! Thanks and rock on bro!


Thank you kind sir :)

Congrats to everyone! Also ill like to add, @prettynicevideo is so fun to listin to, you all need to come check her out, Thursdays, 5pm PST.



Congratulations @mayb and everyone else who won a spot. A lot of great stories and music.

This made my day. So wunderful to feel appreciated by you guys! Thanks a lot. And I totally agree. It was a perfect opportunity to learn more about my fellow Smokers. Keep on providing these stellar contests. May the music never end …

Congrats to everyone who entered, i enjoyed all the posts and the music - and got to know ya better :)

Thank you to everyone who joined the contest, and also to @cryptosmokers.

There were great entries and we feel this contest has been a success on many different levels.

Many of you have put effort in contributing a story, because of that we decided to reward everyone also those not ranking. Thank you! 🙏

Also thank you, @lordoftruth and @canna-curate for your additional prizes. 🤘

great contest. I'm actually playing a couple of songs from the contest on my song list today! I feel in love with them. Great contest to get engagement and to learn from other cultures, countries. Super cool!!!


*The Song of the Butterfly [Hungary 2014] HD
*Jai Jai Shiva Shambho - Album: World Hindu Chants


That's some Pretty Nice Taste you've got there Francesca ;)

Congratulations to all the participants. It was a lovely contest yet again by @cannaweedness and @cryptosmokers. Thank you guys :)

Many thanks to all of you, this was very enjoyable 🔆 ...............below is a list of all the 'Wood' spinoffs - for info and amusement :)


Amazing. Didn't know there are so much of them.


LOL, nor did I........although I did know of half a dozen or so, I'd no idea how far folk had taken this crazy idea :D

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