Chronocrypto Here!! Lets Cannacontest! - Marijuana Millions Giveaway #2

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2 years ago

Hello, Smoke...sure the markets are low but the community is alive and thriving!! Looks like some people where excited for this contest but looks like no one went with it, so here is round 2.

So to make cool things happens and smokers smoke the Bong and take those rips and allow their lungs to inhale that sweet sweet smoke of the gods! I bring you a very cool contest just for you damn stoners. :)

Lets make and create a boom in the crypto space. lets make smoke the one stop shop for all pot heads.

  • A Personal blog
  • A Review site
  • A Market Place

and we can do this it being decentralized. Lets do this and the price of Smoke will follow.

Sure we might all be bummed that the price is crap at the moment but lets focus on the community and how we can all make this baby pop! Once we do that I promise the Price will explode as well. I am going to be honest here,... yes I am HIGH But that makes it even more real. OKay back to the #cannacontest, before I get side tracked again.

I want to create a fun weekly contest and I think it should be on Saturdays!! And every contest will be a bit different so not one contest will be the same.

So for this contest Which starts today and ends the 24th of May*

I want to see your Buds, I want to see that sticky, bright colors (Remember the more vibrant, the more dangerously good) and maybe thrown in some Tricomb shots.

So here is the deal.

  • Post a picture of your one Nug, make sure it looks badass and dank.
  • With the picture describe the best looking nug, be very descriptive and specific, make it a romantic scene in a movie or chapter in a book... might even make it sound sexy.. Hey!! Don't judge me.
  • Add #cannacontest
  • Post a comment here with your link of post. Please do so this way. [Mysexy budnug](Your post link)

That's it... There it is... You have until the 24th of May to submit your sexual... Err I mean your best looking nug/bud.

Ohh yea the top 3 get...

  • 1st 5000 Smoke
  • 2nd 3000 Smoke
  • 3rd 2000 Smoke

Yes that's 10000 Smoke a week, so you better make this contest sick AF! and make it count.

Winners will be chosen by the community!! and than I will make the final decision.

I am just a Toked out Graphene developer - Marijuana Creator "Smoke is going to burn nice and slow and will be the pinnacle of cannabis ecosystem." Chronocrypto

#smoke #marijuana

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[Mysexy budnug] (
did I do it just like you like it?😏

That's a crazy giveaway man, you musta been right stoned when you set the prizes :) - I would've missed it if I hadn't seen it on the weedcash network btw! ....... I'm down to shreds and crumbs atm so I'll shoot with a macro lens and pull some words out of my head to go along .....Nice one Chrono 🔆

Good work ,to keep the smoke community buzzing!


Jump in the contest!


Just entered your new contest. What happened with this one? I only see three entry’s. I was the first entry but never heard back.

Those are some amazing rewards brother.👌 Since I mostly smoke hash these days, and dont have any bud, I will wait patiently around for the next edition of your contest. 😉


Awesome thank you very much, I will for sure include all products in the next round.

cool as, great idea and let's get this place buzzin'
as i've commented elsewhere, would be a big bump if we can get SMOKE token trading enough for a coinmarketcap listing ... that would be first stop imho


Lets get this place known! Lets make Smoke the one stop shop all things Cannabis

Hope you like it! my nugporn

It's so sad that there are so few entries. I feel like most of us missed it. Maybe you want to extend the deadline? Or has already someone earned the price?