Wacky name contest- Round 3 ( Winner gets 10 smoke)

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2 years ago

Hello smokers! Firstly I would like say the new UI is just kickass! The category search bar is unique ;)

Coming to my post, I recently picked up some really good sativa. Really huge buds :D Maybe I should stop mentioning sativa as that is what I get most of the time :P Unless I pick up from the web (which is highly risky right now)

Check out this monster :D


The taste is just amazing. Surprisingly smooth when you take a bong it.

The contest rules are the same as before but with one small change. This time we have @kwest84, @princeola and me deciding the wackiest name from the comments below. Let's see how creative you can get :)

Rules of the contest:
Comment with an original name for the strain above.
Resmoke this post.
Winner will be announced in a week.

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I would call that "the finger of haze".


Im glad im not the only one that thinks it looks like fingers lol

Long Hazy John

I´ll call it... Longlegged Haze !

Wood-stick Woodstock Woo!

I called this... Big Smooth flavor



Haze ? :D Can you come up with something more creative?

Longlegged Haze


I usually see plagiarism of posts from other platforms. This is the first time I'm observing plagiarism of comments from the same post XD


oh... !



i will call finger Haze


Why not come up with something instead of copying? Not asking technical questions here. Be creative and come up with your name

That looks like a "Daddy Longleg" to me.

Hmmm . . . I have 2 suggestions.

  1. Tasty McTasterson
  2. Buddy

I think it's green beauty haha

3 finger Freddie

Slimdick Woodweed!

The name...magic javelin.

dry cocks comb

It looks a beauty chira!
Reminds me of the Bush Tucker man.
So I'm going to say ...
Steve Irwin.