The most intense LSD trip I've had

6 months ago

Disclaimer: As much fun and exciting psychedelics can be, there are certain elements which need be kept in mind before doing any.

  1. Always do it with the people you connect with on a deeper level as psychedelics can deconstruct your thought process and you definitely need someone who understands you.
  2. Never fall for peer pressure. You're set (the mind) and the setting ( your surrounding) needs to be sound.
  3. Lastly always get it from trusted sources as you'll know what to expect (to a degree :P)

Viewing Anjuna through the lenses of Sir Alex Grey

The union territory of Goa is unlike any place in India because of the Russian mafia ruling the state.
While shops close down by 8 pm, night life never ends. There are many beaches in Goa such as Anjuna, Vagator, and so on. Parties went on till 6 or 7 in the morning. It was the go to destination, not only for Indians but for everyone around the globe. There wasn't a drug you could not get in Goa. Although this not my first LSD trip, My journey to psychedelics began here.

November 2015, it was during the holiday season and my friend's birthday lines up perfectly so we decided to travel. We had few other places in mind but finally decided on Goa. I could not thank my friend enough for the magical events which unfolded during our three day stay there.

Before we left our city, we decided to take down the blots from here because like I said, it's best to pick up from trusted sources. My friend made some calls and told us that he had picked up some Alex Greys and boy, were we excited. We gathered the next day to head towards Goa which was a 16 hour drive. The journey was no doubt hectic and tiresome but our minds were locked on to the vibes of Goa.

After reaching sometime in the noon, we decided to have lunch and head towards Anjuna. We waited for the sun to set, found a cozy spot on the beach and decided to pop the blotters. We were no short of music all night as the shacks had parties on till the next day. Although we usually listen to Dark Psy when tripping, the music which was playing from the shacks were twilight and prog psy, old but definitely beats no music.

3....2....1....Blast off

It had been less than forty minutes since we had popped and we could feel the acid chills going down our spines. It was getting harder to maintain a train of thought and our vision was much more defined. One other thing to remember while popping is to take the same amount as everyone as it keeps you on the same frequency. As far as time was concerned, this was the max I could remember. Once the LSD started to hit hard, there was no sense of time or space.

The Peak

Explaining this part is the most difficult and honestly sounds like a fairy tale to most who have not experienced strong acid. Slowly my senses started to betray me :P I could see flashes in the sky in random intervals and I had to reconfirm everything I was seeing with my friends and they said they were seeing the exact same thing. My peripheral vision was unreal as it felt like someone had held a fire cracker next to my eyes but when I moved either direction, it disappeared and came back when I saw straight. The night sky was like a blank slate where we were visualizing next level images. I was seeing a transparent "Pub" like place with two floors with some kind of pipelines running through the sky and giant people walking around. Objects were being observed in frames like the animation slides. For example, we could see the same ant at different intervals of time. We were in such a state where people on the beach literally looked like shadows. OR were they? :P Let's not even get to closed eye visuals :P The most complex geometric patterns moving everywhere. Imagine the game Falling Fred but you're Fred going through a spiral of geometric patterns. Me personally was better off comprehending open eye madness.

Safe landing

After the most intense 12 hours of my life, the effects gradually started to subdue. I could muster up some (mental) strength to say "Let's smoke a joint" :P Yes, not once had it crossed our heads to smoke. We just chilled on the beach for a few more hours and left to our apartments to catch some sleep. I hope you guys enjoyed my experience as much as me. Sorry I'm not good at articulating trips but here's my attempt :)
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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks :)

Thanks for your contribution, @chiraagnd!


Thanks for the wonderful contest :)

Love the experience. Great thing is that it was positivr experience.


Glad you liked it. Indeed, I've had my fair share of "bad trips"(2 of 100+ to be exact :P ) hence the disclaimer :)

I enjoyed reading your awesome experience.

Good writing.
I have feeling that you will be one of the 3 winners.
Good luck !


Thanks man! :) I could actually manage to explain very little but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

beach trips sounds wild, glad it was a great experience for all!

It sounded like a great experience.


Hell yeah :)

This text was really enjoyable to read. :-).
I know how to do it if you do not get any thoughts together. But must also say the mental state after that one would never reach so. I will definitely follow you for more stories from you. Greetings from Germany

Entry noted! Thank you for your contribution and participation!


Thank you for the competition :) Looking forward to more like these! Cheers