My Musical Journey

last year

Music is Life.

I'm confident that everyone would agree with that. Similarly, there are phases of music you experience as you progress in life. As the famous saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Your sense of music evolves in co relation to your general perception of life. The emotional roller coaster you go through when listening to your favorite artist perform live is truly magical and something which can not be explained. Here's my musical journey. From Metal to Dark Psy ;)

During my school days, Iron Maiden and Metallica were my jam. I was never a fan of rap music. Only person I enjoyed listening to was Eminem. Other than him, I never connected with rap. Not my style :P I've always been a fan of well thought out melodies, riffs and solos. I never smoked during school days but still felt as ecstatic as a person on E when I listened to the intro to Dance of Death by Iron Maiden.

I also listened to Pink Floyd, Ozzy and a bit of The Doors but not as much as these. Here's my playlist during school :)

MetallicaNothing else matters, The Unforgiven 1 , 2 , 3 , Enter Sandman , Whiskey In The Jar , Turn the page , Fade to black , Seek & Destroy

Iron Maiden The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Hallowed be Thy Name, Aces high, The Number of the Beast , 2 Minutes to Midnight

This was what I had going till the beginning of my college days before my first trip to Goa. By this time I used to smoke weed more often than now and was in my "test limits of the mind with every drug possible" phase :D I decided to pop LSD and go to a rave. That was the turning point for me when it came to choice of music. I went to a three day forest psy trance festival with fire dancers and insane decor. The visual decor in psy scenes are just too trippy. Geometrical patterns everywhere :) Imagine that when you're tripping. I was surrounded by the trippiest of people. The music was so good I was just going with the flow, letting it take me to places I've never been before. As I was just chilling and dancing in my spot, my friend comes worried, asking if I was feeling fine to which I replied "I'm definitely feeling something." My mind was getting bombarded with questions, statements, conclusions about the music. It was one of the best feelings to have. Something so well constructed yet uncertain. I fell in love with Psy from that day. Here's a glimpse of the night ( Apologies for the clarity, couldn't find a better quality video from the time I went)

Not many connect with music like this. Very unconventional and unique. It's an acquired taste one could say. As time went by, I progressed to faster and more unconventional music. Started listening to Dark psy, which till date, nothing comes close to while tripping on acid. Oooph the feels, the power, the calmness in chaos. No justice in trying to describe something so pure and surreal. Quality acid + Psykovsky = Prepare for take off.

Modular synths, perfect reverb, variation of BPM, morphed voice samples from shows you see everyday but sounds so different, binaural beats, frequencies which tingle your insides, sounds of nature. Combine all these elements in perfect synchronicity is what Dark psy is to me. Any psychedelic may it be weed, acid or shrooms I end up having a the best freaking time when I listen to Dark. Every artist has his/her own style of music. Making music is no different than painting a picture. The palette is same for everyone but it's up to the one who is painting to make it beautiful. Here's a list of my favorite artists I listen to while tripping, (Link to either bandcamp or soundcloud of artist page)
Psykovsky , Kindzadza , Calyptratus , Yaminahua , JunxPunx , Maramba , Arcek , Frantic Noise , Megalopsy , Quantum Mechanica

These are few out of the many many amazing artists out there. I love listening to every Psy artist as he has own way of composing music and telling his "story." Definitely not easy to make music like this. Respect to every Psy artist out there.

This video is from a 12 hour rave of Psykovsky I went to which took place in between a valley. 12 hours non stop. His music is on a whole new level. He picks up samples from all around the world and makes it sound so catchy at the same time adds his own elements and feel to it. He's one person I have tremendous respect for the way he carries everyone's trip. Mind blowing music. He is no doubt my choice of music when tripping especially on LSD. There are two things I'm extremely grateful for coming into my life is psychedelics and dark psy. It has helped me shape the person I am today.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much I did writing as this took me down the memory lane of my best times. Have a wonderful week. Cheers :)

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Thanks for your contribution, @chiraagnd. Seems we have a lot of rockers/metalheads here on Smoke. 🤘


Nah, Thank you for hosting the best contests! Yup I see a lot of metal and psy heads which is truly overwhelming :)

We have so many clearing example the people from metal during their lifetime switch to psytrance, especially dpsy.
could there be something between double bass pedal and the bass line in dpsy?

Anyways, awesome entry.


Yeah I think so as well plus the atmospheres :)