Hangman - Test Your Skills & Win Smoke!

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2 years ago

It's time for some #smokegames Put your skills to the test with a multi word game of hangman and win SMOKE! 

This game we have 5 separate unrelated words to work towards guessing, and prizes for each word guessed.

Last weeks winner was @gr8fulmag420 taking home a total 27.5 smoke!

Prizes: 10% of total Author Rewards  per word solved! Each word correctly guessed awards 10% of the total reward pool. Solve as many words as you can to win as much of the prize pool as possible. I also will add an additional 10 SMOKE to the prize pool at the end to be divided equally among all winners(2 SMOKE per word correctly guessed). Also open to others sponsoring this contest!

Rules: (1) each player can guess 1 letter at a time/per post in the comments below (2) each player may make 1 guess at a time/per post to solve a word (3) we have a total of 15 letter guesses  to solve the words (4) first person to correctly solve a word wins a percentage of the prize pool! 

*I will continuously update the puzzle below and guessed letters in a comment below.

The Puzzle: 

T E T R A H Y D R O C A N N A B I N O L [solved by @relaylogix]

_ E _ E _ T _ R S

_ S _ _ _ _ A _ T _ _ E

_ _ A R _ A _ _ _ _ _ E T _ _ S

A _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S A _ T

[5 words]

Hint: No Hint!

Comment your guesses below!

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many E's!

Guessed Letters: A E R S T

Available Letters: B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q U V W X Y Z

Letter Guesses Remaining: 10

Can I get an S


We've got some S's for you!



CONGRATS! You have 1 word solved for 10% of the prize pool!

have A?


You bet, 8 of them!





Yup we've got T's, and thanks for the resmoke!


I love a good contest! Hangman is great! Btw thanks for the smoke!


Awesome, thanks for the support!


No Thank you for hosting a cool contest!! I love participating in these contests across smoke!!!



many R's!