TrippyContest2 Winners Announcement

10 months ago

We left it late, like literally last minute and then only if you’re rather loose with your interpretation of “last minute” but we are here to announce the winners of the TrippyContest2 nevertheless.

There weren’t as many contributions to this contest and while we have seen several great new members, we all are waiting for that first big user growth spurt.

We will get there.

Sadly enough, I’m not as awesomely skilled in graphics as @betgames is, who stole the show when announcing the winners of our first TrippyContest. But it’s an announcement nevertheless. :D

#TrippyContest2 Brief

You are elected rep, in a coalition government. You have campaigned on approval of recreational use. Today is the final reading in the House and the law is expected to narrowly pass.

Before the final vote takes place, you have to plead in its favor one more time... just one issue: you are high as a kite.

Graphic by @barge

Third Place - 100SMOKE: @grimgriz

Grim addresses the coalition

Judge note: Impassioned and expletive laden - just the way I like it.

Second Place - 150SMOKE: @mayb

You started it - short story

Judge note: Great effort for somebody participating to a [writing] contest in English for the first time

First Place - 250SMOKE: @barge

Pothead Parliamentarian Purposefully Proposes Portentous Paradigm Pivot.......

Judge note: You had me at the title....... and the passion. Bonus points for the graphics

Planning for the next @cannaweedness contest has started already and it will be less difficult next month. This contest was judged by the members of @grow-op and @cannaweedness. Prizes will be sent within the next few minutes. have been sent out to the winners.


Thanks to everyone who participated, also the readers and curators of all submissions. Keep the passion going!

Bonus Note

Having talked with the team and quite a lot of the witnesses here on Smoke, I’m pretty confident that if we can continue to grow our userbase the Smoke blockchain can carve a special niche out online and we may become an important community in the cannabis market.

Not just a community only. A decentralized platform with much more to it than just blogging.

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whoo-hoo! Thanks for fun, smoke and honor! Find me celebrating in the garden!
Just one correction: It wasn't my first writing contest. Was my first time writing a short story in english. I am a German writer.


That was exactly what I meant! :D

But I was in deadline rush and wrote this post before first coffee of the day. Will fix now. 🦇

Update: Fixed. That was in fact my note on the judging form.


I just noticed how much of a German I am! So correct! :D
So, the anonymous judge is unnamed … quite cryptic. 🕵🏻‍♂️


One of the anonymous judge notes was mine.

In order to publish those with name (and also ratings) I have to announce that when I invite the other team.

I didn’t do that for this contest. As such I respected the privacy of everyone rather than retroactively announcing I would like to publish names.

Nothing cryptic, just within a privacy framework even the CCC would be proud of. :)


once again, watching over our safety. Unnamed, guard of the smoke blockchain! :)

Congrats to the winners. The bonus note makes me happy. I can't wait to see this comunity to get huge!


After four months only Facebook, then the FaceMash, was threatened being shut down on campus.

We all want businesses on the platform, but we have to also consider for a second what [userbase] we can offer them. It took Facebook until 2012/13 (founded in 2004) until businesses truly accepted Facebook as a platform to use and spend on. Even then it still had its issues when Ford and GM questioned whether the “spend to click and stay on FB” profile building concept actually resulted in viable ROI.

Oldest accounts on the Smoke platform are just 5 months old. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The vision is awesome, the team and many witnesses too are super motivated.

It’s gonna take a while. Enjoy it because once the doors open... those SMOKE tokens are going to get much harder to get. 🦇


Enjoy the cheap smoke while you can. Definitely in accumulation mode.


Idd, ignore the bear market and accumulate stake 👌

Well Done @cannaweedness / Great contest.
Congrats to the winners.

Congrats the winners, entries where amazing. Good job @cannaweedness for engaging the community with this exceptional contest 👍

I like to think the participation part has something to do with the hit-or-miss nature of what shows up in someone's 'trending' or feed when they look. Lucky for me I check contests :)

I was so happy about it, I launched a contest myself this morning:

Of course, had I not immediately powered-up the majority of the prize I won, the prize of my contest would be a lot more inticing - but, now when I upsmoke things, I get to see numbers change - and that's worth more than anyone else winning a prize ;)


Trending follows an algorithm very similar to Reddit’s ranking. It’s mostly based on “rewards” though, a post can have 200 comments but only 10 SMOKE and it won’t rank.

Yes, those first upsmokes with actual value added are very satisfying. :)

I will keep an eye on that contest as the question is obviously a part of the FAQ I’m working on too. FAQ should hit the vines earlier than your contest ends but AQs can be updated.

Congradulations to the winners. I was more offline lately and seems to have missed it. Had I knew It I would have entered. I still have a few of them to tell. Ill be keeping my eye out a bit more for the next one.