Announcing the Second #TrippyContest - 500SMOKE Prizes + Extra Bonus

2 years ago

Our first month as witness passed quickly and our @cannaweedness server has eagerly been signing blocks as expected. While @eonwarped continued using the witness server of @helpie over on Steem to further practice his witness master skills, we can say that so far our machine has been buzzing like rodents love spinning in their wheel. So much for our first #witness-update.

The year 2018 was awesome for cannabis and if we can believe the news - and we always do when it’s positive news - then 2019 could become a mega hit for cannabis and legalization. In the USA there may even be progress made towards descheduling. Elsewhere, around the world more and more countries are investigating legalizing medical marijuana and some are tentatively even looking at legal adult recreational use. The war isn’t won yet, and we still have lots to learn about our plants, its uses, its pros and also cons, and a future society with legal cannabis.


Love it or hate... over the next few months and years politicians will become our de facto frennemies.

Which brings us to the second #CannaweednessContest, a contest organized in collaboration with @grow-op, AKA @acid, @elliot, and @devils-lettuce, this time.

Once again we are hosting a creative [writing] contest and want to invite as many participants as possible. We even have a prize for Smoke members who bring new users to the platform and the contest!

Your Day in the Parliament

Marijuana has played a large role, a legal role, throughout history of many countries. In the USA three of the earliest presidents were hemp farmers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

Cannabis was a popular medicinal product in the USA until marijuana was gradually criminalized in the early 20th century. Those interested in learning the story how marijuana became illegal in the USA should head over to @maryjane and check out the series of posts she’s been hosting.

Luckily, finally, times are changing and the zeitgeist pro-legalization is as good as it has ever been in modern history.

This is where you come in.

The #TrippyContest2 Brief

You are elected rep, in a coalition government. You have campaigned on approval of recreational use. Today is the final reading in the House and the law is expected to narrowly pass.

Before the final vote takes place, you have to plead in its favor one more time... just one issue: you are high as a kite.

Just like last time this contest is inclusive and invites both writers and artists. Vloggers and podcasters are also welcome, of course! We invite all creative participations and let each participant the choice of [digital] medium they wish to use.

If you think you’re up for it, we look forward to your creations!


Contributions will be subjectively judged by the @grow-op witness and @cannaweedness teams. Total scores for each contribution will be tallied, highest score wins.


We have not specified any particular judging criteria because we want to leave creativity free roam for this contest.


The three contributions with the highest scores will be rewarded with additional liquid SMOKE, beyond all rewards a contribution may receive from Smoke members upon publication.

1st place250 SMOKE
2nd place150 SMOKE
3rd place100 SMOKE

We reserve the right to add more prizes. :D

#TrippyContest2 Feb. 2019 Rules

  1. All contributions must be original
  2. Contributions must be published as apost on your profile
  3. Contributions must be at least 700 words long (or a reasonable length in “frames” for creative contributions)
  4. Contributions must be in English
  5. Contributions must be tagged #trippycontest2
  6. Leave a comment with a link to your contribution on this post
  7. Deadline for submission is Monday, February 18, 2019 at 0.00 GMT

Winners will be announced by a @grow-op member on latest Thursday, February 21th, and receive their prize sent to their Smoke wallet.

A @cannaweedness member will provide an update with the so far received contributions around midterm (early next week).

One More Thing: New Member and Participants Referrals

In this contest we are also giving out a total of 250 SMOKE to Smoke members who bring new #trippycontest2 participants to the Smoke blockchain.

We will reward the referrers with 25 to 50 liquid SMOKE for the 5 highest ranking new members who joined Smoke for this contest (or 10 members depending on success of the referral campaign).

New members participating must write an introduction post and mention their referrer in both their introduction post and their #trippycontest2 post. TrippyContest contributions must be valid, obviously.

The Smoke community, @grow-op, and @cannaweedness look forward to your awesome contributions and are trigger ready to start upvoting your #trippycontest2 participations!

Do not forget to vote for witnesses. Witnesses host the blockchain and guarantee its censor-resilience and its decentralization. You can cast your witness vote here.

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Thanks for hosting this @cannaweeness, it was great fun to work with this idea even though putting myself anywhere near the role of a politician was challenging :) is my entry:


This contest encouraged me to finally write my first short story in english. Very interesting experience since my tone changed so much simply by using another language.

Thanks for the challenge. Here's my entry:

It was our pleasure working with you guys on Season 1 of TrippyContest! I eagerly look forward to reading all the entries(not as a judge 😁), just as curator :) One thing I could promise is all participants will receive upvotes from team betgames ( @betgames and @bgw)as a token of appreciation 🌿

Good wishes to all participants! Smoke this up, let this season spread like fire 🔥

I like that more people are judging it! It should be fun to read a post with the scores given by each person.

Nice initiative, let's hope the best will win!


Yeah I was thinking of sharing the scores at the end [or leave the decision to @grow-op team]. We used Typeform last time for scoring with @betgames team, because I hate(*) how Google Forms look. That could easily be shared.

I think we can make that public but will have to check with others since they should be told that in advance.

(*) With a passion, yes.
Edit: you should participate. It’s a fiction [writing] contest.

I know it's late, but hey - you can still read it :)


Monday midnight or just before Tuesday 0:00, I think that depends on local customs. :D

I know we said 0.00 but we want to distribute, not be rules cops. ;)

Thanks for your contribution. Accepted. 🦇


Awesome, i did the timezone convert before I started and I was already an hour and 42 late :)