Win Smoke For Telling Us Your Favorite Method, and Apparatus You Use To Consume Cannabis

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Canna-Curate Presents

A @jackdub Production


This Post Contest is about a smoke session with your favorite Smoking Apparatus. Pipe, Bong, Vaporizer, Dabber, One Hitter, Hot Knife, Starburst Pipe, etc... (No Papers or Wraps for This Contest).


2500 SMOKE Prize Pool

There's currently 2500 SMOKE in the Smoking Apparatus Prize Pool. @canna-curate has put forward 1000 SMOKE, @prettynicevideo tossed in 650 SMOKE, and @jackdub chipped in 850 SMOKE - we're all looking forward to reading some quality posts telling us about your favorite mehod of how you consume your cannabis :)


Contest Entry Prizes

  • 750 SMOKE for 1st Place Post
  • 600 SMOKE for 2nd Place Post
  • 400 SMOKE for 3rd Place Post
  • 250 SMOKE for 4th Place Post
  • 100 SMOKE for Five (5) Honorable Mention Posts

Authors of the Contest Prize Winning posts will be transferred SMOKE shortly after the closing of this contest post. Winning post entries from the contest will also be announced in a contest results post - shortly after this post closes.


Your Contest Judges

@jonyoudyer, @prettynicevideo, and @jackdub will be carefully deciding the post prize positions from the Smoking Apparatus Contest entries.



How To Enter the Contest:

  • Post on about Smoking with your Favorite Apparatus.
  • The ideal Entry Post would have a photo of the Apparatus, along with the product of cannabis(flower, oil, wax, sauce, etc, etc) filled in the apparatus, and of the Apparatus smoked.
  • Some words about the Apparatus, the Bud or Hash or Oil, and the effects, taste, and why you prefer your method of consumption.
  • Use the #canna-curate Tag on the post.
  • Leave a comment below with a Link to Your Entry Post.
  • Entries must be Posted on before the close of this Contest Post.


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I am going to have to do another Volcano post! Hahaha! Maybe I'll finally do my full volcano review.


I'd like to see that :) I used one of those over in Vancouver at a place called the Vapor Lounge - multiple tables with one at each table, you'd buy the bag. We walked out of there on a cloud.

Fat blunts to the face all day!


Niiice, there'll be a contest on for that before too long :)


Bet on @davedickeyyall to win..

Of course you guys would host a contest like this after I already done a post months ago on my favorite pipe. So I will skip rewriting the piece and upvote the entries instead.


Thanks for the support - lots of solid prize positions, I'm looking forward to seeing the various smoking apparatuses that people are using. Gotta play to win :)


Well months on the blockchain is like years IRL. Just talk about what exactly is your favorite product to smoke and what you use to smoke it in😉

This should get good. Maybe I'll finally make my first post for it!


I'm curious to see what you're smoking with :)


Thanks for the entry @offgrid - enjoyed seeing the sauna hot box too :)


Yeah.... never waste any smoke in a hotbox. The cedar has an extra earthy pinene aroma now too....


Thanks for the entry @offgrid, enjoyed seeing the Pear Pipe and the sauna hot box smoke setting :)


Thanks for the entry @davadickeyyall - enjoyed seeing the Gandolf in action :)

So much gratitude to all of you for providing this opportunity that not only spreads the wealth in our community, but also for simultaneously creating significant participation incentives that encourages activity and growth of this platform. Much love - here is the link to my official video entry post:

I hope you like it, it took quite some time to edit and paste everything together.


Thanks - we're enjoying the community, wanted to spark up some extra apparatus smokin activity - figured some solid payouts might inspire some solid posts about them, enjoying the entries. Like your post and video about the bent glass dab pipe and it's making, looks like fun down there at Anarchapulco - thanks for the entry :)


Its a fantastic idea to spark some engagement and networking within the community for sure. I hope to see a few more entries before its all over. Bless up brother.


You didn't go outside, but i could sense the warmth down there at Anarchapolco. Sweet seeing that glass pipe bent, and it being used for dab tokes. Thanks for the entry @elemental :)


In the next to last scene in the video with the rig, I am actually on an open rooftop patio - technically outside. I would have done a scene on the beach but it was just too breezy. Maybe I will post one more smoke sesh video that is truly outside before I leave town in a few days.

Here's my entry hope you enjoy.

Here is my entry. Took me a while to choose which to use.

When does the contest end?