What Was The Best Outdoor You Ever Have Smoked?

11 days ago

Whats up Smokers! Hope all is well. Harvest season is approaching, or already here for most here in the Northern Hemisphere. I have some Smoke burning a hole in my wallet, and thought it would be cool to give it away. But will like to see some of you put a little effort in order to receive the Smoke.

Make a post about the best outdoor cannabis you ever have smoked

  • No word count, but the more effort, the better
  • Bonus for telling us what your opinion is on outdoor vs indoor
  • I will divide 2,000 Smoke between all entries.

Indoor is great. The bag appeal can not be matched. But great outdoor just has more of a punch in the medical side of things. Indoor you can control the environment, and harvest multiple times a year. While outdoor has many challenges, and the weather can diminish the quality of your harvest. I do find great outdoor to be more complex then indoor. But to always get the same quality each year is not guaranteed. So great indoor is more common the the best outdoor. But here in some parts of California, we are blessed with some great growing conditions.

Some of the best cannabis I have ever smoked was some outdoor grown on my buddies deck in Carmel Valley. The weather there is perfect for cannabis. The mountains protect the valley from the wind, and the temp rarely goes above 80, and goes below 50. To top it off the elevation where my buddy lived was high, making the plants pump out its trichome production. It truly was remarkable!

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I never had outdoor before 😬

I really dug those Snow Whites from last year. They had the best taste n smell to em, and they were so dense.


I love that strain name 😊 Definetely a strain to do some research about and try it out 💚

Duno if I've ever had outdoor before, probably but that's the unregulated market for ya lol


I find that amusing 😅 I didn’t know indoor for the first while smoking


I can hear that. But maybe do a post on the best you ever had. Indoor or no indoor, name or no name. I know myself there are some strains I’ve had that I can remember like yesterday. :)

Best I have had was called cat piss cause that was how it smelled. It pooed resin but fucked me right up ... may have been unintentionally laced with fert or something cause everyone would see shit

Best legit strain is seawarp a texada time warp cross


Oh yeah I am familiar wth cat piss. Some great smoke.


Smoke needs more people like you. It is pretty sad that I got only 1 entry. Also the other contests people hold. More people around here need to start interacting, and that goes way beyond comments.


Some of us smokers here aren't used to blogging.. If they could only give a bit more content other than just pics then maybe there could be more interactions and others hopefully could follow suit.

Hey! I think some of our stoners are too "high" to compose and join contests.. Also, some of them live in countries where cannabis isn't legal yet. It isn't in the EU(except Luxemburg) but in Austria it is tolerated to grow in your home... Just don't show your plants in public.. That is also the reason why grow shops are so popular in Vienna.. Alone in the city we have 32 shops..