Solo Cup Challenge Deadline Is Today 12am PST

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What's up Smoker's! So if you have not got your seed in a 12 oz container, you got 14 hours to do so! As long as the seed is in cup, with the cup marked for the appropriate platform I will honor your contender. Also i you had a contender you where hoping to enter, but died, I will honor your new contender, seed or seedling. After today no re do's or no starting a new seed.


@jonyoudyer's contender


Rules for the Solo Cup Challenge

  • Flower a plant out in a 12oz container
  • Must start from seed
  • No auto's or clones
  • Only one plant per platform (Steem or Smoke, cross posting same plant in challenge will be automatic disqualified)
  • Must have seed in marked cup by midnight PST

So please try to come to our Discord and drop your link to @jonyoudyer. If not, no big deal I will look on Smoke. But it will help me out. Good luck!!


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Guess I better make post with the cup marked, Mine is just marked solo


i suspect you will not be posting to steem, so it don't really matter. But you could mark it to post to Steem just to promote, as long its not entered into solo cup challege there, your good.

I have seen a lot of updates on the challenge, i guess every one interested on the challenge had already entered.


It seems that way, but drop a seed in a cup and your entered. How confident are you in your grow skills?

Yikes ..... I think I need to add some nutrients to mine .... I'm falling behind with my organic Coffee grounds and egg shells ...


I have the light on 24 hours a day, no nutes except the ones in soil.


Ok... I am doing the same. Maybe my light levels are too low ? Or just genetics of the seed


Yeah probably genetics bro. This strain I’m growing is far different then any other strain I’ve grown. You see my mutant post?

This is an awesome contest. I look forward to watching all of these babies progress together! Wish I could join the fun!


I was thinking people should have a betting pool on the contenders

I hope we get a winner to day


A winner? It just started


Going to be a few months before we see any finishers.

This is an awesome competition, can't wait to watch them grow. What will be the criteria for selecting the winner? Bong on bro. :-)


Who ever produces the most bud

Final hours are now counting down for the seed drop!

I can't make this time! But for sure will be on the next one

I can't wait to see the plants this platform produces

Can´t wait to see all those weeds and the winning one. How I wish I could have joined this...