This Post Contest was about a smoke session with your favorite Smoking Apparatus. Pipe, Bong, Vaporizer, Dabber, One Hitter, Hot Knife, Starburst Pipe, etc...

The Contest Post: Win Smoke For Telling Us Your Favorite Method, and Apparatus You Use To Consume Cannabis

Contest Results

There was 2500 SMOKE in the Smoking Apparatus Contest Prize Pool. @canna-curate put forward 1000 SMOKE, @prettynicevideo tossed in 650 SMOKE, and @jackdub chipped in 850 SMOKE. We're happy with the results - there were 9 prize positions, 7 contest entries, 2300 of the 2500 SMOKE Prize Pool was awarded, and there was excellent community participation and support.

Thanks to all who entered - for sharing with us what you're smoking with. Many thanks to the community for supporting the contest entries with your comments and upsmokes.

Contest Judging

@jonyoudyer, @prettynicevideo, and @jackdub painstakingly poured over the Smoking Apparatus Contest entries and placed their votes for the prize positions.

750 SMOKE for 1st Place Post - @elamental

"My Ingenuitive & Incognito "Daberatus" for Travel - From the Oregon Glass Studio to Anarchapulco - Contest Video Entry Post" The 750 SMOKE prize goes to @elamental for his post and video from Anarchapulco about his bent glass pipe dabber. The video included the making of the bent glass pipe, and a peek at a glass blunt.

600 SMOKE for 2nd Place Post - @zuculuz

"Twin Pipe Session + Giggle Grass + CONTEST ENTRY" 600 SMOKE has been rewarded to @zuculuz for his post about a smoke session with his dual favorite pipes, a glass one and a metal one. The session was complete with the Giggle Grass buds.

400 SMOKE for 3rd Place Post - @rawpride

"My Favorite way to "Smoke" (Volcano Vaporizer full review)" 400 SMOKE went to @rawpride for his Volcano Vaporizer explanation and smoke session. The differences in vaporizers is explored - that's a big bag of vaporized smoke, tasty.

250 SMOKE for 4th Place Post

"Hi I'm Chronic" 250 SMOKE goes to new-to-smoke @chronic. @chronic has an awesome glass pipe with two bowls. Each bowl can be packed with a different strain, then either or both of the bowls can be lit to mix up just the right smoke session.

100 SMOKE for Three (3) Honorable Mention Posts

Three 100 SMOKE honorable mention prizes go to @armshippie, @davedickeyyall, and @offgrid for their favorite smoking apparatus posts.

"Booooong!" - @armshippie "The best pipe on the blockchain" - @davedickeyyall "My Favorite Smoke Apparatus ... Sea shell and wood pipe." - @offgrid

Thanks Again to All who entered - and to All who commented on, and showed support to the entry posts. Much love to the Community - Smoke On :)

GHRO / Canna-Curate Discord Invite

Have a great day!

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That's awesome.... It certainly pays to enter all these Contests. And great Choices for the Top 4.

Congratulations to @elamental on first place. Your device got my attention a lot as well. I love it.
Oh wow. Thank you. I honestly didn't expect second place. There were so many great posts about pretty unusual smoking devices. Some even I didn't know existed.


Thank you buddy, much appreciated. I liked your entry as well - and that double pipe entry from @Chronic was something I have never seen before. Bless up homie.


Yes I agree. That twin boweld pipe is something else truly. I have to get one for myself.


Ditto - reminds me of a glass version of the cross join from Pineapple Express - "I can't even light this on my own" - haha


Cross joints are a neat thing but honestly in my opinion a bit of a waste if you are smoking with 1 or 2 people. It's more of a party trick to me.

Awsome @jonyoudyer!!!! Much luv

THANK YOU!!! This is the first contest I have won on Smoke!! Thank you so much for the kind words, smoke prize, and the opportunity. Congratulations also to all the other contestants - there are many deserving winning entries here - much love to the smoke community! This winner announcement post is also beautiful and extremely well formatted - outstanding job homies! Just got back to Oregon late last night.

Congratulation to the winners. That was some exciting contest producing lots of great content. Thank you, everybody!

Congrats to all you guys that entered and won😀

Thanks canna for doing this 😀


There will be more bro.

Oh cool I didn't expect to place. Thanks canna!

Congrats to the top winners and to everyone that join, much love to @canna-curate

Hey @canna-curate, would be nice to announce the time frame of the contest at the beginning.

It looks like the contest ended after 7 days, which is very short. Two weeks should be minimum to allow more people taking part in the contest.


We will take that into consideration for the next one.

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