Calling All Growers! Calling All Growers! Calling All Growers!!

10 months ago

Who is ready for........

If you recall last year we had The Solo Cup Challenge, where we set off to see who could harvest the most herb using just a Solo Cup. @mjgeeks won that challenge with a whopping 1 oz! Well this challenge is the same, but instead of a Solo Cup, we are challenging you growers with a Tetra-Pak.

It is pretty straight foreword

Just open the top of the carton, and utilize it for a growing container.

Rules(As stated in @skylinebuds post)

  • Can be any grow that you have ongoing. Within the 3 category's (Regular seed, Autoflower, Clone)

  • You must have 2 or more photos per post.

  • Has to have 100+ Words for each Weekly Post.

  • You have to Use #weeklygrowlog & #tetrapak as tags at bottom of post

  • Add Your strain + Category type in the title

  • Use this standard format for the top of the post
    soil type: liquid / Living soil

  • Share your post on all social media from Twitter to Instagram to other social platforms.

  • Use the #Weeklygrowlog tag to enter with any grow that you have going on. Only one per week per category


  • 4200 Smoke to the person with the most weight at the end of harvest.(This will be judged on the final weight after trim)
  • There will be weekly prizes giving to participants of this grow.

Most importantly

Have fun! This is really a challenge against yourself. How will you get the most from a small container? Maybe you might learn something along the way. Maybe you have never grown, but always wanted to. This is something you can grow on a window seal if needed. Or even a micro bgrow. Growing can be intimating, but it does not need to be. We are in this together, and if you need help, we are always there in the Canna-Curate Discord. It sounds corny as fuck, I know, but damn we need more grows on the chain! So I will like to tip my hat to @skylinebuds for hosting this contest. I also will have to give some shout outs to @unnamed for pitching in for weekly prizes, and also to @d00k13 for pitching in as well. If you want to help get this contest going, post about it. Tell your friends. Or better yet, go buy some juice, drink it, and get your grow on! Good luck :)

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are unsure about how this works, check out @offgrid's blog since he has already started.

#tetrapak #challenge #grow #diy #homegrown #cannabis

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Interestingly I sware I left a comment haha. guess I didn't hit post


It happens, lol


Screenshot from 2020-07-12 01-00-59.png

Interesting you won even though late to the party ;)

Its a very good initiative.Keep it up!


Glad a few of you think so :)

Many of us can't share it on our other social media pages due to having to keep anonymous


The main part is to just grow. We will not disqualify any entries due to what you stated.

Loonatic will join soon

Awesome guys 👍 I will be taking one of my babies and participating 🤞 I can finish her