Annoucement For Solo Cup Challenge Entry Deadline!

last year


Deadline to enter the Solo Cup challenge is January 10th


To qualify to enter in the Solo Cup challenge, you should have your seed in cup with it marked to identify your entry.

Rules for the Solo Cup challege

  • Flower a cannabis plant in a Solo Cup
  • Must be started from reg seed
  • No autos
  • No clones
  • Only one plant per platform(Cross posting the same plant to compete in the Steem Solo Cup challenge will be automatically disqualified)


So if you haven't, or are just hearing of this challenge you still have time to join. Please use the hashtag #solocupchallenge. After the 10th we will compile all entry posts to have a list of names of all entry's. Please come in to our Discord to show off your contenders. This contest will be a 3-4 month process, and prizes will be announced. Here is a tip, do not worry about prizes right now, worry about nurturing that contender.

Good luck!


#solocupchallenge #grow #cannabis

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I am so excited I planted my seedling the other day into my cup and it has already sprouted I can't wait to see what she does, I hope it is a she cause I only have one going for the challenge I was limited on seeds, and my other two are bucket seeds.


Good luck!

Go Go Canna!

Too bad some can join because it is illegal in their countries


when we get a list of names, you guys should bet on the entries ;)

Some stoners seed are already shooting out, i have seen few updates lately


Yes indeed! This is going to be an interesting challenge.

they look very nice , :)


Thank you, that is @jonyoudyer's cup

This is a great Idea for a contest guy well done.. I think i might have to enter

I'm running a bit late on this one haha.... What is the volume of those red cups?? 473ml??