Joint Rolling Contest - Classic Joints

last year

Joint Rolling Contest - Classic Joints


After I finished rolling my Big Joint
I came across this Joint Rolling Contest by @taskmanager

So why not roll another one...

Using Pure Hemp papers this time...

Only took about a minute to break it up and roll it...

For a filter I used a piece of the Health Canada warning insert from a cigarette package.

Not even sure what strain it is, some of the BC Buds I was gifted from a friend last week.

I haven't burned this one yet, I'm still only halfway through my previous creation: Smoking Smoke - A Big Joint but my rolls are always a good burn.

Just because I AM CANADIAN doesn't mean I like to canoe.


Sorry, eh


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Awesome. I’m so stoned.

Awesome, eh.

You have been entered into the contest bud.

Perfect!!! Good rolling skills 👍